Why is Feminized 5 Alive a popular strain?

This Sativa hybrid has an extremely high THC content of 29 percent; even the most devoted smoker will likely find it difficult to handle. When you combine this with the fact that marijuana seeds are tough to come by, these marijuana seeds from i49 have become a lifesaver. It is important to note that this robust plant is not your grandfather’s cannabis since the benefits and effects of this plant can readily transition from recreational to medical use.

As a result of the mental lift, you will feel like you are soaring through life on cloud nine, while the physical relaxation will wash away those aches and pains and restore a sense of well-being that has been missing for some time.. These Marijuana Seeds are hardy and may be grown indoors and outdoors with relative ease. This amount of adaptability will quickly find its way into your heart and will quickly become a favorite among growers.

SOG Technique

The SOG technique (growing many plants in a small area and fostering early flowering) indoors will offer you the highest yield for your money. Still, no indoor grow will be able to compete with the great 21 to 25-ounce harvests that can be accomplished outdoors in a single season. Make sure to get your hands on these great marijuana seeds while you still have the chance because they are sure to sell out quickly! These aren’t your average cannabis seeds, believe it or not.

They are a unique breed that is frequently difficult to come by outside of one’s collection. Because it is not readily available in dispensaries, it is treated as a rare collector’s item that is sure to wow your friends and colleagues.

The best part is that this plant is simple to grow, so it will not scare away rookie growers and be a breeze for seasoned veterans. When you give it the attention and care that it deserves, it will reward you with a bountiful harvest that will put a smile on the face of any grower. Because of its squat design, it is well suited for use in locations with limited vertical clearance. West Palm Beach is a city in and the county seat of Palm Beach County, Florida alcohol detox.

Maximum THC Content

This characteristic also makes it an excellent choice for growing outside when you want to maintain a low profile and avoid alerting your neighbors to your forthcoming harvest of goodies! This potent strain has a maximum THC content of up to 29 percent and is expected to deliver a powerful euphoric high that will last for hours.

This will be powerful enough to alleviate any stress or depression that has been weighing on your mind recently. Keep a notepad close by because your innovativeness and inventiveness will be heightened, which could lead to the inspiration for your next amazing invention! In terms of advantages, this is more than a one-trick pony, as it can provide pain-suppressing properties that could work their way into places where you need it the most.

5 Alive Strain

Take advantage of this strain whether you’re suffering from a vicious migraine, irritating arthritis, or bothersome PMS symptoms, and you’ll be glad you did. The 5 Alive strain will likely transport you back to your childhood when you sipped on a refreshing glass of the beverage of the same name. Those citrus notes hit you forcefully at first but then were softened by a splash of sweetness to leave you feeling refreshed.

This fruit strain is a tasty blend of orange juice, bubblegum, grape pie flavors, and aroma. As soon as you crack the lid on your stockpile, your guests will be drawn in by the harmonious blend of tropical scents that is enjoyed by many.

Best Tasting Sativa

Many people believe that this strain is among the best-tasting Sativa strains available today, and they are right. There is no information on the lineage of this 75 percent Sativa, 25 percent Indica hybrid. We know that Sativa genetics are predominant and on full display in this strain of marijuana. They produce tall, thin plants with long cone-shaped buds that shoot from the base of the plant.

Because of the high resin content, you should not wrap your joints too tightly or they will become “sticky icky.”There has been some suspicion that the Girl Scout Cookies strain may have had a hand in the lineage because of the generated effects and taste, but this is all just idle chatter around the local watering hole for now.

Why Is It Popular?

There are various reasons why this delicious strain is so sought-after and difficult to come by. There aren’t many places to get this strain other than i49, and there’s a good reason for it. Five Alive is tucked away deep within a vein of cannabis strains that contains a wide variety of fruity, sweet strains of marijuana. As soon as you open the lid, you’ll be able to smell it from across the room, and you’ll have to restrain yourself from eating it before you can get started on the smoking session.

THC Level Ranges

THC level ranges between 22 and 29 percent, with CBD content typically less than 1 percent. This is a high-THC strain with a THC content ranging between 22 and 29 percent and a CBD content of less than 1 percent. In particular, Bubble Gum, Orange Juice, and Grape Pie are among its parent strains. These three strains are all extremely sweet and have won several awards over the years. At least one of them, Bubble Gum, has won multiple awards.

If cultivating these gems indoors, a grower will wish to harvest them after 9 to 10 weeks of flowering time. It is expected that they will be ready to harvest by mid-to-late October if they are grown outside in the natural environment. However, you should not leave them any longer than this, as you will want to avoid the chilly weather.

Bottom Line

This is a Sativa hybrid that will offer you a tremendous surge of bliss as well as a high that will give any smoker the brief sensation of feeling like they’re on the edge of space. Of course, the flavor and scent of this strain are the primary characteristics that distinguish it from the competition.

Users can expect a bouquet of odors, including grapefruit, melon, honey, oranges, lemons, limes, and various other fruits that they might imagine. The flavor is very similar, with a strong, earthy aftertaste that lingers. If the smell isn’t enough to pique your interest, the high you’ll get from this unique blend of fruity breeds will be sure to do the trick.

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