Why do Riders prefer the Best Mileage Bikes in India

As regular bike riders, people seldom worry about the rising fuel prices and that is why they prefer using fuel-efficient bikes that offer maximum mileage to the customers. Nevertheless, people also have their own preferences. This is especially applicable in India where the need for two wheelers is very high.

Globally India is considered as one of the largest two-wheeler markets and the people here always look out for fuel-efficient vehicles whenever they are willing to purchase new ones. People of all classes and age groups use bikes for work, business, or daily commute. Be it urban or rural, best mileage bikes have become the most indispensable tool for everyone who has to travel daily.

According to the data of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of the government of India, the most of the vehicles sold every year include passenger vehicles and a major portion of the same sales data is covered by sales of two wheeler vehicles which include best mileage bikes.

With the help of the above-mentioned fact, we can conclude that the best mileage bikes are one of the most popular vehicle segments in the Indian automobile industry. In this article, we will discuss why people prefer using the best mileage bikes in India and what are some of the best mileage vehicles you can buy from the market.

Why do people in India prefer using the best mileage bikes?

Here is a list of reasons why riders prefer using best mileage bikes:

More fuel-efficient than any other vehicle

Due to smaller engines and light body weight the bikes can be more fuel-efficient than any other vehicle. Top Bike manufacturers of India even build bikes that specialize in increased mileage.

Usually, a normal bike covers up to 30 to 40 km on average using one liter of fuel. Nevertheless, the best mileage bikes with higher fuel efficiency can cover at least 60 to 70 km on average using just one liter of fuel.

The expert riders also follow the general rules that can help them significantly increase the efficiency of the fuel. For example, using inflated tires, and maintaining the engines regularly can really save a lot of money, keeping in mind the increase in fuel price.

Contributes to the environment

Using the best mileage bikes can help the riders travel large distances without causing too much carbon emission. Large vehicles such as bus, car, etc. have larger carbon emission that affects the environment negatively.

Moreover, constant research and development are being conducted in the automobile industry in order to minimize the environmental effect.

Maximum resale value

The most important advantage of purchasing the best mileage bikes, especially a second hand one is that the user will receive maximum resale value. Depending on the manufacturer, style, variant, etc. In this regard, it is recommended to buy second hand bikes directly from an online bike selling platform such as Beepkart.

This online platform will offer you a second hand bike at a very affordable price and most importantly you won’t have to go through the complexities that the customers usually face while purchasing a second hand bike such as vehicle history, insurance papers, condition of the vehicle, etc.

Space consumption is very less

The best mileage bikes are always smaller when it comes to the size factor and thus it takes very less space. Also, when it comes to controlling the two wheeler it is very easy and efficient. Not to mention you can also park the bike anywhere because the space required is very less. Additionally, you can also save space at home and use the same for other activities.


It is already mentioned that the best mileage bikes are very much fuel efficient and retain their resale value. Nevertheless, best mileage bikes are very cheap compared to any other vehicle of both the same and different categories.

If you are unable to afford a brand new bike you can always purchase a second hand bike at half of its price from Beepkart (which is an online bike selling platform). The insurance cost for the second hand bikes is also fairly less.

Some of the best mileage bikes available in India

If you want to purchase a second hand best mileage bikes in India from Beepkart and don’t have any idea on which bike to choose you can refer to the list below:

TVS Sport (95 Kmpl mileage)

TVS Sport is considered one of the best mileage bikes available in India with an outstanding mileage of 95kmpl as per the data provided by the bike riders. Therefore, if you are willing to save a lot of money on fuel then you can choose TVS Sport as your daily ride.

As a two wheeler, it is exceptionally dependable and it has also been considered as one of the most fuel-efficient bikes in 2019. Apart from its mileage, the other significant features of this bike include an air-cooled, single-cylinder, and 100CC engine with a 7.3Nm torque and 7.4 bhp.

For those who love beautiful bikes at an affordable rate with higher fuel efficiency, TVS Sport can be a perfect choice.

Bajaj Platina 100 (90 Kmpl Mileage)

Bajaj as a two wheeler manufacturer has always included better mileage in their bikes and Bajaj Platina 100 is no exception. It can be considered as one of the most fuel-efficient bikes of Bajaj due to its ability to provide a mileage of 90 Kmpl. If you are a regular commuter then using Bajaj Platina 100 can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

The bike comes with a 4-speed manual transmission and a cutting-edge suspension that can provide a very efficient and comfortable riding experience for the riders. It also has a powerful 100CC engine, fuel tank guards as well as front suspension for a safe ride.

If you want to purchase best mileage bikes at the cheapest possible price then you must visit the online bike selling platform Beepkart. Here you can find the best mileage bike of your choice at a fairly affordable rate. The bikes offered by Beepkart go through multiple quality checks before it is sold to the customers. Beepkart also offers 10k kilometers of a 1-year warranty on the sold vehicle.

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