Which are the Best Golf Pullovers?

Cold seasons should not limit you from enjoying your gold session, and you can get back on the course by buying the most comfortable golf pullover. Golf pullovers are suitable for rougher conditions and cooler temperatures and keep gamers warm always.

Golf pullovers differ from golf jackets, which are ideal for moderate temperatures. Below we discuss the best golf pullovers in 2022.

1. Adidas Stripes Pullover

Adidas is the top brand that comes to mind when inclement weather gear is involved. The Adidas stripes pullover has top features that keep it dry and comfortable. Their latest release is the ClimaLite 3-stripped cardigan that is made to dry fast due to its moisture-wicking features.

Its other top features include a mock collar with the Adidas design on the arm. These pullovers are available in over ten colors, making them ideal for wear at the course.

2. Callaway Zip Pullover

The Callaway zip pullover has an Opti-Dry functionality that makes it dry fast. It also has a stretch technology that gives golfers a full motion range. This pullover is ideal for sunny and dry days and ticks all the right boxes.

This pullover has some of the best technology that gives the garment a fast-drying ability, even in the rain. This pullover has a mock neck with the company’s logo and a quarter zip. Golfers should pair it with the right golf hat to enjoy its versatility.

However, this pullover has a high price, and some golfers claim its material is thinner than expected.

3. 366 Dry Fit Pullover

The 366 dry fit pullover is made using soft fleece, giving its users warmth on cold days. However, this pullover is still breathable and lightweight. It boasts a multi-functional design that can be worn both on and off the golf course.

This pullover offers functionality and style at affordable prices, explaining why it has become popular recently. The 366 dry fit pullover is made using a quick-drying polyester, and its fabrics are meant to keep you warm in cold temperatures.

Its fabric is also lightweight and made to provide breathability to its users. The 366 dry-fit pullover is available in eight colors, and you should research to make a more informed decision.

4. Greg Norman’s Pullover

The Greg Norman pullover has a stretch construction that enables users to be comfortable and enjoy a full motion range. It also boasts moisture-wicking abilities that make the garment dry fast. Greg Norman is a former golfer, but his legacy is still acknowledged in the sport.

This pullover is made using 100% microfiber and has full functionality. It is available in eight colors and has a mock neck at the neck area. However, the Greg Norman pullover is not ideal for cold temperatures due to its thin material and lacks a ribbed bottom hem.

Final Thoughts

Golf pullovers are a crucial addition to the sport, and the above article has discussed its top types. Kindly feel free to get in touch with us for more information.

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