What’s the Ideal Inverter for Home Price in 2022? Read this to Find Out

What’s the Ideal Inverter for Home Price in 2022? Read this to Find Out

The year 2022, is an exciting year as multiple inverter models have proliferated into the market featuring all the latest hardware and technology components. The end consumer never had so many options when it came to design and practicality as is the case today. So, if you are thinking of getting a new inverter for home price at the right budget featuring all of the bells and whistles, we are talking of then you need to read this, as we are about to showcase a few inverter models that are the absolute best in terms of value for money right now!

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Inverter and RC 25000 200Ah Tubular Battery

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 and RC 25000 200Ah tubular battery is a combination of one of the most popular inverter and battery combinations in the market right now. The inverter comes with a 900 VA capacity, along with a power packed 200Ah, 12V tall tubular battery that is great for homes looking for exceptional backup and performance. Let’s look at some of the most prominent features of this inverter and battery combination.

Inverter Features

  • Safe operation for all sensitive appliances due to sine wave output.
  • Offers incredible protection from input mains via MCB
  • Comes with a built-in 32-bit DSP processor
  • LED display with information status for power backup-up. Battery charging time
  • Features a mini bypass switch for directly supply of electricity from the grid in case there is a fault in the inverter

Battery Features

  • Features robust tubular plates and is suitable for long and frequent power cuts
  • Offers absolute value for money due to lower maintenance costs and longer service life
  • Comes packed in a high durability sealed plastic housing
  • Exceptional overcharge tolerance capabilities
  • Fully charged and ready to deploy out of the box

Luminous Cruze+ 3.5kVA Inverter and RC18000 150Ah Tubular Battery

This one’s for people with demanding applications requiring backup power during an outage. With an exceptional inverter capacity of 48V, and 3500 VA it can easily handle a maximum bulb load of 290 watt. The battery on the other hand is a 12V, 150 Ah tall tubular inverter battery, that can support running most of your regular household appliances.

Inverter Features

  • Sine wave inverter with intelligent battery charging
  • Features adaptive charging control technology
  • 48V, 3500 VA capacity
  • Comes built-in with MCB protection from input mains
  • Auto overload handling capabilities
  • Features a bypass switch to supply electricity from grid in case of inverter fault

Battery Features

  • Perfect for running heavy duty applications
  • Offers exceptional overcharge tolerance for complete peace of mind
  • Offers consistent performance during long and frequent power cuts
  • Next to no maintenance required

Luminous Eco Volt Neo 1050 Inverter and RC 18000ST 150Ah  Tubular Battery

This is a budget friendly option for people looking to buy the right inverter for home price that’s both affordable and doesn’t compromise on power. It’s a combination of a 12V, 900 VA capacity inverter with a max bulb load of 756 watt, and a 12V, 150 Ah, tall tubular battery.

Inverter Features

Sine wave inverter with fast battery charging capability

Features adaptive charging control technology for maximum efficiency

Full charging current even in low voltage

Offers exceptional overload protection with auto reset feature


  • 12V, 150 Ah tall tubular battery
  • Perfect for long and frequent power cuts
  • Space saving compact design
  • Offers incredible performance for running heavy duty applications
  • Excellent overcharge tolerance
  • Requires minimum maintenance and upkeep

If you are in the market for an inverter and battery combo available at the right inverter home price, then these 3 inverter models from Luminous could prove to be a great match for people with varied budget and power requirement. Luminous’ products are some of the bests in the industry due to their robust build quality using only the highest-grade materials and components. Moreover, with one of the largest service networks in the country, finding genuine spare parts and technical support is easy as getting in touch with their customer support to get your queries resolved.

So, if you want exceptional backup, performance, efficiency, ownership value, then don’t forget to check out these products and more right away!

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