What You Need To Know About Points On Your Driver’s License 

It is never a good experience to get pulled by a police officer and get a ticket. However, the matter can worsen if the ticket involves points on your driver’s license. Points on your driver’s license indicate how good or bad of a driver you are. The more points you have, the more unsafe you are. 

When you get involved in a car accident, it can give you points and put you at risk of losing your license. It is important to hire a car accident attorney louisville, to prove the other party’s negligence so you can come out innocent and clear your name. 

What you need to know about points on your driver’s license 

  • Points vary by the seriousness of the violation. 

There are different traffic violations, and they put varying numbers of points on your license. For example, driving over the speed limit may give you lesser points than reckless driving. The driver’s license points system was established to make it easy for states to recognize high-risk drivers. You can check your state’s laws to understand the points system. 

  • Points can affect your insurance rates. 

Your insurance premiums are affected anytime you get involved in traffic violations, and getting points on your license is no exception. If you already have a policy, be prepared to pay higher premiums. If you do not have one, you will still face issues when you buy one. Insurance companies analyze your driving history and point record to determine the rate of your policy. Therefore, if you do not want to pay more, it is best to avoid violations. 

  • Not all states use the point system. 

You may be surprised to learn that not all states of all the US have the point system. There are nine states like this, but they do not let you get away with traffic violations. Even though they do not put points on your license, they monitor your driving record to determine whether your license should be suspended or taken away. States which do not have a driver’s license point system include: 

  • Minnesota
  • Hawaii
  • Wyoming
  • Rhode Island
  • Louisiana
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Kansas
  • Mississippi
  • Earning too many points can result in a suspended license. 

If you break too many traffic laws and earn many points on your license within a certain time period, you could temporarily lose your license. The number of points required for a license suspension varies by state. In Louisville, the accumulation of 12 points within two years will make you lose your driving privileges. 

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