What You Can Do with an Old Router 

If you have a router you no longer use, and it is only cluttering your drawers. You can choose to re-purpose it instead of throwing it away. Most people do not know what to do with an old router. Maybe they had to upgrade to a new one, or their ISP sent one out, and they are stuck with what to do with the older one. In most cases, when you are switching your ISP, they request you to return the older device to them. If not, you do not have to keep it at the back of the wardrobe or throw it away, for you can re-purpose it. This article has ideas on what to do with your old router.

Use it as a cheap network switch 

Most routers have at least four Ethernet ports. But as wireless technology around the home increases, it may be as low as four. But, with the need to connect devices over Ethernet, you may end up running out of ports. For example, streaming online at The pirate bay with a PC is more reliable using Ethernet. Also, online gaming with a PC or console. Plus, your TV decoder will offer better streaming over Ethernet than wireless. Therefore, if you run out of Ethernet ports, add more with a network switch. Connect your old router to the main one, and you instantly have more ports available but disable the wireless network to avoid conflicts.

For guest Wi-Fi connection 

Give your guests their network, especially if you have people dropping in and you have to share your wireless internet connection with them. For this, your router connects to the existing password-protected network, but to the new devices, it gives password-free access. So, it will use the guest network feature of the old router. In this way, you prevent guests from accessing other devices on our network. Also, you can check the firewall setting on the main router to adjust the settings if you need more security.

Make money from the router 

Another option is to resell it if you do not fancy setting it up with modern hardware. You can make a few dollars from various outlets, such as eBay. All you have to do is list the device with the model number and the make. And anyone looking for an affordable router is your customer. Also, retro-tech collectors and networking enthusiasts might be interested. Other potential customers are family and friends who are always the first customers. Plus, a new way to raise funds for new gadgets is generating cash from old equipment.

Build a wireless repeater 

Does your Wi-Fi network extend across the full range of your home? If not, you can choose to add your old router into the mix, which is a better option for power line Ethernet adapters. Meaning you have to connect the old router to the new network using the Wi-Fi signal. In this way, you share access to the Wi-Fi network, and you gain more coverage. You may have some latency issues, but it is an easy and quick way to extend your wireless network. Not only will it boost your Wi-Fi signal, but you can stream through your tablet as you real in the garden.

Donate the router 

You can choose to donate your router to a good cause. Schools, churches, kindergartens, or charities could use it. For any organization relying on goodwill, an old router will come in handy to extend their network, set up a guest Wi-Fi network, stream internet radio, among many other uses. You may not make any money in this way, but you know it is for a good cause than when it is in the wardrobe.

To conclude, it may seem like an old router, but your old router is not old, only that you acquired a new one. The above ways are great ways to reuse it, as long as it is still functional. It may lack some key wireless features, but you can use it as a guest network. Choose one of the ideas above, and if none seems not to work for you. Consider recycling or selling the device.

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