What is the ideal age to study abroad?

Studying abroad is the ideal opportunity to learn another language better and immerse yourself in new cultures, meet new people and become more independent. It is suitable for all people, regardless of age, as educational instituions usually offer special courses and conditions for each stage of the student’s life.

For younger children and teenagers, studying abroad can be done in short courses, taking advantage of the parents’ vacation in a different country. For those who are old enough to travel and “make it” alone, the range of alternatives grows and may even include a job in the destination country. There is no minimum age limit to study abroad, nor a maximum age!

High school in another country

Students who are in high school can take the opportunity to attend high school in other countries. This allows them to complete one year of their studies at a school of another nationality, increasing interaction with native speakers and assimilating content in another language. It is necessary to already have a basic knowledge of the language so that the student is not impaired in essential subjects such as geography, history and mathematics, in addition to language subjects. Usually, people who can do this type of overseas studying are between 14 and 18 years old.

Language course or other skills

There are also language course options, in which you can select the time you want to stay in another country and the amount of hours you want to study daily. This ensures that you advance according to your need, whether for studies or to suit your budget. After all, the important thing is to take the first step and make the best use of this opportunity.

There are also, often in parallel to the language course, classes on more specific skills, such as literature, oenology, arts and many other topics. This also allows you to learn the vocabulary of the areas you intend to work on. It is suitable for all ages, but the most suitable is from 16 onwards, when the student can already have a better experience in another country and have more autonomy to carry out various activities.

Graduation and other professional training

Whether it’s a sandwich degree, such as Science without Borders, or the possibility of doing your entire degree course in another country, this is an excellent way to assimilate the language while you take the opportunity to pursue a professional degree. Academic life in another country also provides greater interaction with the younger community, bringing new experiences and the effervescence of everything that is new. Usually the student is already at least 17 years old when he opts for this form of exchange, as he needs to have completed high school; and because it offers undergraduate, masters, doctoral and MBA options, there are alternatives for all ages.

Study and work

For those who want to get even more involved in the customs of the country or need to save money to pay for the study expenses, choosing an option that involves working may be the most viable way to make your trip. With work, the person is placed in real situations of customer service and interaction within a company, experiencing situations in which more “formal” English is required – in other words, It is an excellent option for those who want to use English in the corporate environment.

This type of overseas study is particularly attractive for those who have already finished their studies in Brazil and need a job to support themselves during the trip, usually chosen by older people. But he is usually appointed with a minimum age of 16, to take on tasks such as accompanying children while their parents are away; or for people of legal age, who already have a wider range of options, such as delivery people, hotel attendants, among others.

Study in Australia

Choose to study in Australia, especially if it is your first experience outside your own country. Many cities in that country have a climate similar to the climate of Brazilian cities, in addition to stunning landscapes.

Whether you’re planning to study English, at a high school or a degree in Australia, it’s always an excellent option to choose this welcoming and attractive country.

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