What is an identity and how to create one?

Just as your attitudes, habits, and character traits make you a unique person, your identity serves as a kind of “secret ingredient” that sets your company apart from numerous competitors. In this article, you will learn about what an identity is and how to create it (for example, using the Turbologo online service).

What is an identity?

Corporate identity (also “identity”) is a set of elements and materials that create a certain image of the company in the eyes of consumers. Corporate identity works on brand recognition and memorability, and creates the first impression about it.

Identity is often confused with branding. Branding is marketing techniques aimed at creating a unique brand. Identity makes the company recognizable in the eyes of potential customers. Moreover, it forms an emotional connection between you and other players in the market, associates with your products and services, expands the base of loyal customers, and influences brand perception.

How to create a brand identity

Before creating an identity, you need to find out what it consists of.

What is a brand identity


We can safely say that the entire identity rests on the logo. It must meet the following requirements:

  1. The logo should have a simple composition without unnecessary details;
  2. No need to use a large number of fonts and colors in the logo;
  3. Forget about fashion trends if you don’t want the logo to be outdated in six months;
  4. The logo must meet the standards specific to your industry. (Of course, you can always abandon conventional design trends and go your own way, but do it consciously);
  5. The logo must make a strong impression and remain in the memory of the audience for a long time.

It’s always better to create multiple versions of a logo and then choose the best one. For further use, the logo must be in different formats (raster and vector) and sizes, and it is also desirable to have a black and white version.

Business Cards

If you intend to actively expand your business, then you simply cannot do without a stock of business cards. An original business card with the necessary information will only enhance the favorable impression that you made on your potential customers and partners. The most important rule here is simplicity: the logo and the most important information about the company should be placed on the business card. No extra details and design solutions!


A letterhead is one of the most important elements of an identity. The form can be used for commercial offers, orders, statements, protocols and for any business correspondence. The form can be called one of your advertising media. It often happens that the acquaintance of a potential client or partner with your company begins with a letterhead. As it is correct, company symbols and contacts are placed on the form.


Email continues to be an effective way to communicate in the business world. How to make sure that your letters do not get lost among the numerous messages that fill the e-mail boxes of customers and suppliers?

First of all, think about the purpose of the letter. If you want to connect with the recipient, your message should be concise and friendly. If you are pursuing an educational goal, take care of the ease of perception of the text. If, for example, you want to tell your audience about your new clothing line, include some eye-catching photos of your products to keep customers interested.


If you are producing tangible rather than digital products, be sure to take care of the appropriate packaging. Packaging is important for everything from the iced coffee bottles you sell in your coffee shop to the clothes consumers order from your online store. Thoughtful packaging is not a trifle at all. It is able to make a favorable impression on the buyer, stimulating him to new purchases. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your corporate design in all its glory.

How to create an identity?

You can order the creation of an identity in a design studio or a freelancer, you can also use online services for this purpose. Let’s consider each option in more detail.

Design studio

A great option for medium and large companies that have a big budget.


  • Professional designers;
  • A large number of studios.


  • High price;
  • Long lead time.

Freelance designer

This option is suitable for any company. You can find freelancers who work for little money and vice versa. To search for freelancers, there are many sites, they are easy to find in the search.


  • Large selection of specialists;
  • Quality products (if the designer is good).


  • It is difficult to find a good and inexpensive designer;
  • He can take money and disappear;
  • You may not like the result.

Online service

The online service is suitable for beginners and medium-sized businesses. You can try to create an identity for your company right now with the help of Turbologo.


  • Convenient product generator;
  • You can quickly create a large number of identity layouts;
  • Small price (low resolution logo can be downloaded for free);
  • You can change and download products at any time;
  • Products are available in vector and raster format.


  • A designer is more likely to create a unique design.

That’s all! Choose the appropriate method and boldly create a company identity. Good luck!

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