What gambling games do college students play?

Online gambling in Canada is very rampant, primarily due to mobile gaming technology. The industry has grown far and beyond, targeting generation Z and women. Online casinos in Canada are trying to tap the potential market by introducing convenience gambling in college institutions. Students play casino games to get quick money. 

About 70 % of college students engage in sports betting and casino games. Many Canadian college students categorize gaming to be fun. However, when done irresponsibly, it can lead to addiction. We should not only focus on gambling in college but also in the surrounding community. Our expert Michelle Thomas highlights the gambling games college students play.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is prevalent among college students. Sports attract generation Z. Casino operators tap the potential market by introducing sports betting websites that resonate with students. It is easy to find websites offering lucrative bonuses that help players win more money—students log in to reputable betting sites and wager on their favorite teams. 

Technology has paved the way and made sports betting easy to access. Through a smartphone and the internet, college students access betting sites anytime, anywhere. The websites are easy to cut across, and they allow easy ways of making payments.


Poker records have shown that 93% of gamblers lose money while 7% of the players win during a game. Poker is one of the popular casino games played among students in University. Students engage in healthy competitions and try to outshine one another by paying attention at the table and being aggressive. Poker has gained the attention of most students as it involves putting their heads in the game. They believe that poker is not all about winning. It is about studying, discipline, and getting hard with cards, just like their favorite movie stars.


Online gambling has drawn a massive following due to its ability to offer a variety of games. Online slots occupy the most significant space of the gaming library. They are easy to play and termed games of luck. Slots are among the most fun casino games as they take the shortest time to win.

Today there are online slots that offer free demos helping students to familiarize themselves with the world of places. Slots on accessible mode help acquire some skills before playing popular slot machines in college that require real money. Canadian players can access various platforms that feature the best slots through Canadian casinos


It is ranked as the most popular casino game among college students. Students are driven by adventures that ignite the adrenaline. The roulette game is referred to as the Devil’s game due to the wheels’ numbers of 666. Although no devil-like powers are attracted to the game, players find it fun to play the game that holds the Devil’s history. In addition, it attracts more players, being James Bond’s favorite casino game. By playing the game, students desire to be associated with a famous movie star.


Bingo is a social casino game that allows gamblers to come together, converse, and have fun. Bingo creates a college-like experience where socializing is one of the most significant factors that college students engage in. Students are likely to play Bingo to get entertained as a group.


The blackjack game is not only p[opular but boasts of its long history that dates from the 16th century. Students treasure the game for being the only game that players get an odd advantage. The game has inspired many and calls for gamblers to make rational decisions. However, the game uses a shuffling machine that keeps card counters from having an advantage. The play poses some challenges that students can handle and win.


College students enjoy the advantages that come with playing online craps. Many students who are passionate about playing complex craps games acquire a good foundation. Today, there are engaging tutorials that can help students learn and become better at the game. Online craps offer free games where newbies get experience before staking their money.

Online games play a crucial role among college students. Technology has made things easier as students access websites quickly and know what to consider when choosing an online casino. Gambling in colleges is prevalent as it is perceived as the easiest way of acquiring money. Check out the best entertainment source ifuntv. You can also visit here to get the latest headline news around the world listinside.  If you need more information about 0x00x0, you can get essential news from it.

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