Plagiarism may look easy to do, but the consequences can be confirmed. Can students be suspended from school? Technically, the answer is yes. They can be fined or sent to jail for stealing someone’s content. Though you probably won’t be locked up, the consequences of plagiarism can be threatening for your career. The results of so-called borrowing of someone’s work vary depending on the intent and industry. But the penalties are damaging either way.


Before diving into the consequences of plagiarism, you should know what plagiarism is because most students don’t even know what plagiarism is. However, many people think that only copying someone else work word-to-word and then showing it off as their work is plagiarism, but that’s somehow not the only form of plagiarism. It further falls into different types.

  • Direct – copying someone else’s wording and pasting it in your file is direct plagiarism. Well, we cannot say that this is unintentional. This will ultimately be intentional and can easily be caught.
  • Self-plagiarism – reusing your previous work and claiming it to be your research is self-plagiarism. Yes, it can happen. Whether you copy the whole of your paper or just any part of it, you are plagiarizing from your work.
  • Paraphrasing – interpretation of someone else’s words or ideas and claiming it to be entirely yours with giving the due credits is the third type of plagiarism, paraphrasing. Though this is very common, you can avoid it by crediting the author with proper citations and referencing.
  • Sources-based – using unauthentic and fraudulent sources to make a claim or inaccurate quotation in your writing can also cause you severe penalties for sharing misleading information.
  • Accidental – incorrectly citing a source can unexpected and thus is not intentional.

Most types of plagiarism can be easily avoided by giving the proper citations and making sure that you are not stealing someone else’s work. If you opt for plagiarism and do not provide adequate authority, you can lose all your credibility in your academics. And after that, even so, you come up with something original you won’t be believed. (thesiswritinghelp, 2021)



Plagiarism can cause your suspension from your school in no time. The academic records can reflect the ethics offense, possibly causing the student from entering college from high school. You can fail all your reputation for years if your work is plagiarized. And losing your standing in front of your teachers, many educational institutions also have integrity committees that police students. For your first violence, you might be suspended, but if you continue to do so, you get expelled.


One cannot simply use anyone else’s material without citations and referencing. The original author can easily sue the plagiarist. However, the copyright laws are absolute and legal repercussions of plagiarism can be severe. Some plagiarism can also lead to criminal offenses and lead to prison sentencing. But professional writers are very much aware of copyrights laws and ways to provide plagiarism. Thus, you can also hire a professional for your assignment or essay and buy persuasive essay online in no time to get the best results.


Many recent reports have exposed plagiarism by journalists, public figures, researchers, and authors. The original author can easily sue the plagiarist; thus, the author may be granted monetary restitution. When people work as journalists for magazines or new papers, or even when a student opts for plagiarism, they can be charged with financial repercussions.


Besides monetary repercussions, as mentioned above, there can be other consequences for submitting plagiarized work. It causes cause grades penalties, course suspension, or any other disciplinary actions that can be taken against the students.

However, students of all levels are aware that plagiarism should be avoided, but it is not always clear why such actions fall into plagiarism (Dawsoon, Overfield, 2006). if the students are facing severe difficulties in writing assignments and essays, taking professional help and buying any type of essay they want, whether it’s argumentative or buy compare and contrast essays, will always be better than just copying someone’s work and putting your academic career in risk for attempting plagiarism.


It will never be e possible to create your own work and take your creativity muscles to charge when all you are doing is just copying the essay. The best writers never copy someone else’s works but push them to originality and productivity.


Plagiarized research is a blatant form of plagiarism. If the research is medical, plagiarism can cause loss of lives. Thus, this kind of plagiarism is odious.


  1. If you find any information that you would like to add to your research, do not just copy-paste it but try to understand the concept behind the idea and write it in your words.
  2. You can also use quotations to avoid plagiarism in your paper. When quoting, the words should exactly be the same and enclosed in quotation marks.
  3. Cite the source of quotations and paraphrase material properly.
  4. Even if you are using any part of your previous research, cite it.
  5. Always keep a record of links that you are using for research.
  6. Always use a plagiarism checking tool to ensure that none of the text in your research is plagiarized to any source.


The consequences of plagiarism are across-the-board. Ignorance or stature will not excuse the plagiarism if any legal ramifications of attempting plagiarism. It is always better to learn about plagiarism before starting any writing project and try your best to be particular about your words.


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