What Are The Alternatives To Litigation In Divorce?

Divorce leads to some of the most challenging changes that a person has to adapt to and can be emotionally exhausting to deal with. In addition to the personal life changes it brings, it requires a confusing legal procedure to determine the future conditions of the separated spouses. 

Most individuals are under the impression that a divorce can only be finalized through lengthy and stressful litigation. However, there are several alternatives to a court trial, and you can consult a divorce attorney in Columbus to understand them. Depending on your situation, they can help you choose the most beneficial one for you and your spouse’s future. 

What are the alternatives?

  • Mediation. 

A divorce leads to the rise of several issues. The distribution of assets, child custody and support, and alimony are some of the most important issues. Mediation allows the couple to resolve such issues by having a collaborative discussion with a neutral and trained mediator. The mediator cannot make any decisions for the couple and only helps them reach better solutions with advice. 

What are the benefits of mediation?

Mediation allows the couple to make their own choices. Unlike the court trial where the judge’s decision is binding, the couple can communicate their dissatisfaction and work together to reach a mutual agreement. The spouses understand the other’s needs and are ready to compromise to attain things they prioritize more. By encouraging respectful communication between spouses, mediation allows them to be cordial and cooperate in the future. 

  • Collaborative divorce. 

In this divorce, both parties sign an agreement not to go to court after hiring their attorneys. After discussing your situation and requirements with your attorney in-depth, you have regular meetings with your ex-spouse and their attorney. Your lawyer uses negotiation skills and several tactics to help you reach a fair outcome. 

What are the benefits of collaborative divorce? 

Collaborative divorces are an extremely popular alternative chosen by couples to avoid the expenses and complexities of court divorce. The presence of other experts such as financial accountants and child specialists can help put things into perspective and help you make better decisions. It helps you proceed at your own pace and relieves your distress while concluding in a manner that meets your needs successfully. 

While these procedures have multiple advantages, they may fail if your spouse is unwilling to participate or cooperate with you. A Columbus lawyer is aware of the obstacles you may face during a divorce and enables you to avoid or overcome them, helping you have a smooth and less stressful divorce. 

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