Unique lighting challenges

There is nothing more important than a new vehicle, and that’s why the car dealership lights  is so popular. These showrooms are carefully designed to maximize sales. This includes lighting.

Car showrooms, which can double as a shop or theatre, present unique lighting challenges. Here are six top tips.

Don’t compromise on color rendering

Every color is available in cars from Ocean Splash through Renegade Red. It’s important to choose the right shade for you. Your lights must show off the full range of colors.

A poor color rendering index (CRI), making some colors look muddy, or washed-out, will not work. Make sure you carefully review the CRI before purchasing a fitting. It should be 90 or higher. Try the lighting in your space before you commit to buying.

Create some sparkle

The scent of leather, the sound of the doors, and the glints of the paint make buying a car a memorable experience. The luxury of high-polished cars and reflective surfaces is exuded by lighting. Be careful where you place your lights. Sparkle is great but it may not be the effect that you are looking for. Take into account how daylight affects space. You might consider using a combination of diffuse and point sources to provide ambient light and sparkle.

You should be flexible

The cars won’t stop moving if the car dealership is doing well. The cars are sold and driven away constantly, as well as regular updates of new models. There are also regular redesigns of the space that allow for special events and new presentation ideas. A lighting design must be flexible enough to work with the showroom. Additionally, fittings must be easily adjustable and controlled. Look into luminaires that have adjustable color temperatures or can change colors. Lumenpulse provides a range of fittings with dynamic options. These fixtures can be programmed to adjust the color temperature from 2200K-3000K to neutral (very warm or very cool) or 2700K-6500K to warm (warm or very cool).

To make your brand stand out, use light

Although car dealerships are a palace for the brand, it is no longer the only place where buyers can view and compare vehicles online. The lighting design creates the ‘wow!’ factor. Although customers won’t be able to describe the lighting quality, it can have an impact on their opinions about the brand. It will also affect whether they choose to open their wallets. Designers now have greater control over the lighting, including color, hidden linear lights, luminous surfaces, and controlled light. This allows them to create drama, excitement, and even light.

Pick good-looking luminaires

It doesn’t matter if you want your luminaires to match other elements in your interior design. Keep in mind that you are selling a premium, high-engineered product. The luminaires must meet these standards.

Minimize maintenance

Lighting maintenance can become a major headache in an environment that must look great. Lumenpulse recently installed LED luminaires in an Italian BMW showroom to replace a halogen light source. This eliminated the need for frequent lamp replacements and failures. Lumenpulse products include a 5-year guarantee against any noticeable color shift. This guarantees that your colors will look amazing and continue to look great for many years.


Lighting car dealerships is a dual-edged challenge. Both the showroom and workshop need different lighting. High-end lighting systems are required for automobile dealers to make sure that their vehicles are shown in the best possible light. Every one of these spaces serves a different purpose, raising the standard for lighting automobile dealers.

The Showroom

This is where automobiles have to shine to be attractive to customers and sell at the end.

The chosen lighting system for your dealership plays a significant role. The cars should shine flawlessly with light.

For this to happen, the dealer must use several strategies.

  • Intermix indirect and direct lighting
  • Pick distinct light colors and intensities
  • Make the most of the color rendering indicator and color temperatures

Specialists recommend car dealerships use lighting systems that permit potential customers to identify different colors of automobiles. It is possible to see color shades more clearly with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) greater than 90 and a light intensity between 800 and 1100lux (80-110 foot-candles) of 800 to 1100lux.

You should highlight the car’s color carefully so that there is no need to glare on any other surfaces. For the best visual effect, experts recommend adding beams to your car dealership’s lighting system.

As showrooms and vehicles often need to be rearranged, an adaptable lighting solution must be installed. An adaptable system is simpler to set up and manage.

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