Understand the lifespan of different types of buildings.

The structure of the house affects its lifespan. If choosing a house structure in building a good home It will help in terms of service life. The details are as follows.

Houses of the NCPO structure have lost their strength from “Deteriorated cement or collapsed foundations” Broken wooden structure houses are bearing the weight of “termites eat moisture causing the wood to decay” Steel structure houses Loss of weight from “Rust eats until it loses strength” Basic methods of prevention and remedy wooden structure house Make a good protection system and and spray to get rid of termites. There is a wood stain coating. and regular maintenance The nature of termites is to eat the structure from the inside. It is difficult to notice termites and can only be seen when they have spread outside. steel structure house Make the coating thick enough. Maintain the structure regularly, not allowing the steel to come into contact with water and air. The nature of the rust will eat from the outside. If observed, it is not difficult to see

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Summary of how to compare the strength of the knock-down house

The strength of the knock-down house with the strength of building a house, building is different, with a knock-down house, the service life depends on the weight, the weight depends on Size and thickness, steel columns, beams, trusses, see size, large size, service life more than small, steel columns, beams, trusses, if they are the same size, see thickness, thick steel, longer service life than thin steel, steel Structural such as columns, beams, bridges, ridges using a thickness of 3.2 mm. , steel trusses such as floor joists, rafters using a thickness of 2.3 mm., steel trusses, ceiling trusses, thickness 1.6-2.3 mm., steel Structure, suitable size, thickness 3.2 mm., service life of about 30 years or more, structural steel, suitable size, thickness 2.3 mm., service life of about 20-30 years, structural steel Unsuitable size, thickness 1.8-2.0 mm., lifespan about 7-15 years, paint the structure to be sufficiently thick. maintain the structure regularly Do not allow the metal to come into contact with water and air. Helps to extend service life, for example, using structural steel only 2.3 mm thick, but the structure is always maintained resulting in a useful life of up to 30 years, etc.

4. Steel structure with anti-rust corrosion protection.

Rust is caused by the interaction between oxygen and iron Corrosion is a type of corrosion that often occurs with ferrous metals.

iron rust reaction It’s a simple reaction. with various buildings that contain iron as an element but a slow reaction may last a long time. Occurs when iron is exposed to water and moisture, it will gradually corrode, becoming iron oxide, chemically known as Hydrated ferric Oxide, or as we know it.

Iron rust (Fe203.XH2O3) looks like a red stain. which cannot be perched firmly on the surface of the steel and can fall off easily. Make the iron in the inner layer Can continue to rust until all pieces are gone.

The rusting process is quite complex. The factors are Water and oxygen, which are common in the Earth’s atmosphere. Steel will rust faster in certain conditions, such as acidic conditions or along the coast with high salt fumes, etc.

The most popular protection for steel from rusting is steel coating to prevent direct contact with water and air, such as painting, spray painting, color plating, galvanizing.

4.1 Clean the steel surface – before coating with anti-rust paint.

The oil coating on the steel surface causes the four to not adhere to the steel surface as it should. and is the cause of the color flaking. It makes the steel surface rust easily. Before we bring the steel to coat with anti-rust paint. so that the rust proof paint adheres Good adhesion, does not peel off, it is necessary to clean the steel surface first.

Iron that is not cleaned when we touch it by hand will have black oil stains on the surface.

The cleaning principle is to use a clean cloth moistened with turpentine oil. Wipe the steel surface until it is clean enough without leaving any greasy stains. In case of rust, the rust must be polished off completely before painting.

rust polishing equipment

electric polishing machine and coarse steel sandpaper

TIP. If using a cloth moistened with turpentine and then Oil stains are still on the rubbing cloth (not washed). If we use a spinning mop bucket, add turpentine to help remove oil stains better. (Plastic mop bucket Do not use thinner as this will cause the plastic to swell. When wiping is finished, you will see a clear shine. Clean steel surface will make the rust proof paint better adhesion to the surface. not easy to fall off

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