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Trendy colors look forced unless they are set off by other balancing tones.

There is also the risk that these colors will quickly go out of fashion. Stick to simple natural colors for your daily makeup and you can never go wrong. Analogous colors used in conjunction with others over your eyes let you highlight and add depth with ease. Otherwise choose different colors that blend together well.

Dark colors will make your eyes appear smaller while lighter shades make them look bigger. Colors that go well with all eye colors are navy, charcoal and powdered blue. The navy or charcoal will be used to define your eyes, while the powdered blue will be used for highlighting. If you cannot make up your mind about what to wear then stick to these tried and tested universal eye makeup favorites.

Many women use widely varying colors for day time wear and night time wear. During the day it is best to stick to natural looks with matte shades. Late evening or night time is the perfect time to try out colors with sheen and sparkle. The smoky look with dark shades and the contrasting bright look can both be carried off very well at night time. Complementary colors make your eyes pop! If you want to make a statement, you should try complementary colors out.

For example, green eyes with pink tones are an excellent way to grab attention. One important point to remember is that matching your eye makeup colors solely to your clothing may make for disastrous results.

Lastly comment

Always ensure that your eye shadow choice goes well with your eye color. That said, it is fun to experiment with eye makeup so don’t hesitate to try out various combos until you find the ones you like best.

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