Travel with Kids: Trip to London Tips

So, you decided to make a trip to London but want to take the kids with you? So now you are thinking about how to make this trip exciting for them as well? Well, don’t worry because everything you would ever need can be found in these tips, making your trip a wonder and an easy experience.

Think about getting a big car

If you are travelling with multiple kids, a good choice would be owning or going for a 7 seater car hire in London Heathrow simply because you and the kids will at least take 3-4 seats, if not more, if you decide to take more people with you. And think about it London is a big city hiring a vehicle is much better than walking all the way.

Plan the trip around possible attractions

Booking or finding places on the trip to have fun is a good plan. Many examples could work, but to give you a rough idea, here are some of them!

Harry Potter’s Studio Tour

This is one of many attractions which kids love. It will immerse them in the world of their favourite character Harry Potter. Not only does it have different props which were used in the film. But it also has the same train station from which he leaves to Hogwarts! They will enjoy seeing that.

The Tower of London

You will have to book a private tour for this, but it will be worth it. It is very immersive, and it also feels like a world in a medieval time since it looks like from the time it was built. But the tour guide could make the whole trip through the tower feel cryptic and spooky, so the children will not be bored!

Eye of London

Now, this requires neither big-spending nor ample time to book; all you have to do is go onto an official website and book the date when you will be there. So, you and the kids can see the entirety of London’s beauty through a glass window. Plus, you can show them where you will go with them ahead of time!

Buckingham Palace

Now one of the more iconic places in London the Buckingham Palace. The changing of the guard is a free attraction for tourists and anyone who comes to see it. Though it only happens on specific days during a particular time frame, so be sure to time it right, or you might miss it!

Make sure to bring tons of snacks/food

Kids get hungry quickly, so having something for them to eat on the trip will go a long way. Making healthy meals is quite essential as well since you don’t want them to eat junk food. But make sure to at the very least bring something sweet like candy, or you could buy some on the way to spice up their food a little!

Go for the simple option

This is the most straightforward way of going on a trip to London with kids, and it involves getting a minibus hire. Now, what does that entail? 

It means you will hire a 7-seater vehicle which will have its program included, which will drive you and the kids around London and include a tour guide. It’s the least freedom-inclusive experience, but everything will be planned out for you, so all you must do is arrive at your destination and enjoy the experience.

And now enjoy your trip!

These are all the tips that will make your trip to London with kids a much easier and better experience. Hope this was helpful and wish you a great trip to the old city of London with the kids!

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