Top Skydiver Goggles | Protect Your Eyes While Enjoying the View

Skydiving is a high-intensity activity that can deliver a once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline rush. However, there are numerous safety considerations that must be taken because it is a potentially dangerous sport if not done correctly. The equipment worn comes with a number of safety concerns to be aware of.

When parachuting, having the appropriate equipment ensures the safety and makes for a much more enjoyable experience. Skydiving requires special equipment to resist the elements due to the high velocity and altitude. Skydivers, for example, need goggles to protect their eyes from the wind.

Goggles are required when parachuting

During a jump, skydive goggles are required for the diver’s protection and delight. When falling, skydivers may reach speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. Without goggles, skydiving would be a lot less fun because reaching those speeds causes the eyes to water a lot.

One of the most exciting features of skydiving is being able to see the scenery from thousands of feet in the air, which you can do using goggles. Skydiving goggles are available in a wide range of prices, ranging from $10 – $200.

Top Skydiving Goggles:

Given the number of options available, finding the ideal pair may be tough. But don’t be alarmed! We’ve compiled a list of three of the best skydiving goggles for you to consider. Let’s take a closer look at them now.

1. PS3 Integral Skydiving Goggle

This is a goggle manufactured from a Zeiss integral lens w/ special feature that ensure a high-quality product. It has a distortion-free vision throughout the whole lens surface. The flexible lens’s original shape enables proper positioning on faces of all shapes & sizes.

The elastic band’s connection point is angled, ensuring that the goggle remains stable at fast speeds. For added comfort, a soft elastic band w/ a double adjustment is used.  The goggle’s gasket is comprised of a double-layer soft material that does not come off the lens and provides great sweat resistance.

2. Thrasher Skydiving Goggles or Sunglasses

Birdz Eyewear’s Thrasher goggles combine the features of various pairs of sunglasses into one. This can be used as a foam-padded glass, or the arms can be replaced with the supplied goggle sports wrap when needed. The optional elastic strap can be used to turn your foam-padded glasses into Thrasher goggles by replacing the sunglasses’ easy-to-remove arms.

The top-level lenses are anti-fog and provide UV400 protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays. When you’re wearing the Thrasher, you can be assured that your eyes are properly protected thanks to the polycarbonate lenses.

3. Kroop’s VFR Over The Eyeglass Skydiving Goggle

The VFR Goggle is a mini version of Kroop’s original Over the Eyeglasses goggle, which was created in the 1970s to meet the needs of an expanding skydiving community who just couldn’t enjoy the scenery while jumping. This new model is big enough to cover most eyeglasses while remaining compact enough to work with helmets. To reduce fogging, it contains tiny vent holes in the top.

The general concept is that pilots are capable of flying in weather conditions in which they can clearly see what’s outside rather than relying on dials & instruments. VFR is really an aviation term meaning “Visual Flight Rules.”  These VFR goggles help skydivers who use glasses to see the sky clearly.

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