To make a Chinese Paper Cut Artwork, follow these steps.

Paper-cutting is an essential element of China’s cultural legacy, and it is being practised today. Weddings, promotions, and relocation to a new house are all instances of celebrations that might take place when it is used. The paper art will be fastened to the door or window using glue in order to provide good fortune and joy to all who see or hear it. “I am satisfied,” says the ancient Chinese character meaning happiness. Furthermore, it is the pattern that is most often employed in Chinese paper-cutting. You’ll get access to the realm of popular Chinese craft as a result of this action.

The paper should be folded in half twice before being used.

Fold it in half, then in half again. Repeat with the other half. Only one-fourth of the original amount of space will be accessible presently. Each fold line should be pressed firmly so that cutting will be simple later on. Please visit LightboxGoodman for more info.

Cut lines should be included into your designs.

Draw two lines across the paper using a ruler and a pencil, one at the third-quarter point and the other at the fourth-quarter point. On the open edge side, you may then build three rectangles with the same dimensions (width: height=1:2) as the previous rectangles. The edge of the paper will align with one of the edges, and the straight line of the pencil will align with the other edge. Make a space between the two rectangles to allow for movement.

The distance between two rectangles is about equal to the width of a rectangle when they are placed next to each other. Leave a space between the third and fourth rectangles. After that, draw two additional rectangles to complete the picture.

Two rectangles will be used to fill up the space left after the third rectangle.

Make two rectangles out of the paper. This time, one edge will align with the paper’s edge and the other edge will align with the straight pencil line, as shown in the illustration. Extending the paper cut art is a straightforward process.


After being cut, it is fairly unusual for the paper edges to cluster together in a ball. As you continue to stretch it out, tenderness is essential. If you attempt to tear it, it will be ruined. The completed product will have a symmetrical shape in terms of its overall shape.


Remove the pencil lines off the paper before continuing. Before unfolding the folder, fold the lines of the folder in the other direction. As a result, when you open the pattern, it will lay flat on its own as you open it up more.

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By hanging it on a window or door, you may alert your friends to the presence of this magnificent piece of art.


In the next part, I’ll teach how to use paper-cutting to express yourself artistically.

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What are some innovative ways to use paper cutting to express yourself?

The two most challenging features of this kind of art are as follows:

You can fold x however many times you like. The more intricate the pattern, the longer it will take to carve it out of the wood. A whole new world of possibilities awaits individuals who are willing to go outside the box when it comes to paper-cutting techniques.

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