To create a Chinese Paper Cut Artwork

Paper-cutting in China is an important part of the country’s cultural heritage. Weddings, promotions, and relocating to a new home are all examples of festivities when it is employed. In order to provide good fortune and pleasure, the paper art will be attached to the door or window using adhesive. The ancient Chinese character for contentment is “”. Moreover, it is the most often used design in Chinese paper-cutting. In doing so, you’ll have access to the world of Chinese popular craft.

Paper should be folded in half twice.

Fold it in half, then fold it in half again.

Only one-fourth of the original size will now be available. Press each fold line firmly so that cutting would be easy afterwards. If you are looking for trending templates, please visit LightboxGoodman.

Incorporate cutting lines into your designs

Use a ruler and pencil to draw two lines across the paper, one at the third and one at the third-quarter points. You may then create three rectangles of the same dimensions (width: height=1:2) on the open edge side. The paper’s edge will line up with one edge, and the pencil’s straight line will line up with the other. In between two rectangles, leave a gap of space.

Between two rectangles, the distance between them is approximately equal to the width of a rectangle. After the third rectangle, leave a gap. After that, draw two more rectangles.

Two rectangles will fill the area left following the third rectangle.

Create two rectangles. In this case, one edge will match up with the paper’s edge and the other with the straight pencil line. Extending the paper cut art is simple.


It’s not uncommon for the paper edges to clump together after being cut. Tenderness is key as you expand it out. You’ll ruin it if you try to rip it. In the finished result, the form will be quite symmetrical.


Before going any further, erase the pencil lines. Fold the folder lines in the other way before unfolding it. So when you open the pattern, it will lie flat on its own as you open it up.

It can be found on Windows.

Let your friends know about this beautiful work of art by hanging it on a window or door.


In the next section, I’ll explain how to become creative with paper-cutting.

If you want to learn how to fish, not simply how to catch fish, then continue reading.

What are some ways to be creative with paper cutting?

The two most difficult aspects of this form of art are:

Fold x the number of times you want. The more elaborate the design is, the more time it will take to cut. For those who can think beyond the box in terms of paper cutting, there is a whole new universe to explore.

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