Tips for Women to Help Their Husbands with Addiction

Dealing with a loved one who has become addicted to drugs can be hard. However, it is considerably harder in situations in which a partner has fallen prey to addiction. Though it may seem old fashioned, still today in marriages, husbands are the primary “bread winners” and often the backbone of the household. Women who live with addicted husbands often taken on a huge burden when the addiction overtakes their loved one, and it can be a serious struggle to aid their partner.

Realizing that your husband is addicted to drugs or alcohol can come as a shock; it can be painful, frightening, and difficult to understand. The problems that come along with an addicted husband can be much harsher. Many people who become addicted to drugs often lose sensibility and clarity–especially when they are high. Many marriages can become abusive if a partner becomes addicted to a substance. When children are involved, the number of victims increases. Aside from emotional swings, addiction can put a huge strain on the family. Furthermore, it can come to that point very quickly that the addicted husband begins failing to maintain his responsibilities. Many marriages deteriorate fully once the addiction effect’s the husband’s job, as in when he loses it. The consequences of being married to an addicted man are numerous, and the resolutions are very few. Many people opt for divorce. It is the last resort and should be because addiction is conquerable, and marriages can survive it with the help of experts at addiction clinics.

The main thing that must happen is that any enabling of the addiction must come to a screeching halt. This can mean that he must be asked to leave home, funds will have to be taken from his reach, and physically, you will have to refrain from being with him. This can be extremely difficult for any woman who presumably has a great love for her husband. Most couples have been together years before even becoming husband and wife, so cutting off the enabling can feel like cutting off a limb when two people with a close connection find themselves in this situation. But if your spouse refuses to get help for his addiction, this is more often than not has to be done. Most addicts will not get help until they hit rock bottom. For most husbands, feeling as if they have lost their family is as low as it gets.

Once your husband does get help for his addiction, there are things you must learn as well to get past the addiction. Knowing and accepting that your husband has addictive tendencies is a big pill to swallow. Forgiveness can be even harder to accept. It is important for the marriage to survive healthily, that both partners understand the feelings, struggles, needs, and reasons that the other had for their actions. Communication is key in drug recovery, as it is with many other things involving marriage. As a wife, you play the main role in your husband’s life. Now more than ever, your role will become important. The road to recovery is long, but it’s possible to make it short if you work as a team. There is no real-time limit that can be placed on it. A rehab program will last 90 days, but the struggle to remain sober will continue. Lending support and helping your husband remain sober can bring both of you closer and also ensure that life remains on a pleasant track for all.

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