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Tinting your eyebrows the right way

Pat your face dry, and put a layer of common Vaseline all around your eyes and eyebrows depending on the area you are tinting, as this helps any stray color from straining your forehead or eyes.

Also, invest in some good quality eye brow brushes with which you can paint the dye on your brow. Some experts use cotton balls as well, but that is because their hands are set at this. But if you are an amateur, then a brush is your best bet of doing a good job.

Ensure your color preparation is thick in consistency as you don’t want it dripping over and into your eyes. After the dye is mixed, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and simply paint on the color in your brow with the brush. Always follow the shape of the eyebrow, starting with the broadest area and go back and forth, similar to making brush strokes in a painting.

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Never leave the color on longer than instructed, as given its thick concentration and small area of application, such dyes literally work within minutes, and by leaving them on for too long, you risk coloring your skin as well.

Lastly comment

To remove, simply use a smooth wet cloth or a wet wipe and whisk away all the Vaseline and extra dye on your brow. Do this twice to ensure no dye or Vaseline is left and you will find nicely shaped, colored and defined eyebrows left.

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