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The Health Benefits of Exercise for Kids and Teens.

Exercise is defined as the controlled movement of a soft-billed body part to develop muscular strength and improve muscle tone. Exercising has been known to reduce fat, increase muscle size and improve exercise performance. Exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. It increases your heart rate and improves your overall well-being. Exercise is also a good preventive measure against many types of diseases and premature aging.

Exercise has been recognized by many health professionals as the single most important factor in maintaining a healthy body weight. Exercise can be both aerobic (that is, a physical activity requiring increased blood flow) and anaerobic (that is, a physical activity requiring metabolic energy produced from the exercise movements). Aerobic exercise has been recognized as the single best factor for improving cardiovascular fitness. It has been used interchangeably with weight reduction and is now considered by many health professionals to be a primary prevention method for many common chronic diseases.

Health professionals now recognize a relationship between exercise and physical functioning, mental health, cardiovascular fitness, weight control, sleep quality and lower levels of depression and other mood disorders. Health professionals now consider exercise to be an important contributor to the successful management of many common chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, asthma, sleep disorders, and other physical problems. Exercise also contributes to the maintenance of optimal general health. Exercise has become a very important part of managing the complex issues surrounding the definition, treatment and prevention of these diseases.

Exercise is recommended for most adolescents in America. Adolescent girls are more likely to engage in physical activity than boys. There is some evidence that girls are more physically active than boys even in the younger years of adulthood.

Activities that develop aerobic and strength endurance in adults include running, walking, bicycling, tennis, golf, swimming, martial arts, aerobics, dancing, hiking and dancing. There is not one universal activity that develops all of these components of physical fitness but most people do all or some of these activities on a daily basis. A few areas that are particularly important to include in an adult’s fitness program are swimming, jogging, bicycling, tennis and martial arts.

Regular exercise can improve the health benefits of strength and cardiovascular conditioning. Exercise is important for our bones, muscles, joints and immune system. The benefits of regular exercise can extend to the psychological aspects of our lives as well. Exercise helps reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety in many adults and can help decrease the symptoms of stress in teens. Many studies have reported positive changes in mood and feelings of well-being among regularly exercising adults. There are also many health benefits associated with exercise which makes exercise an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

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