The Australian National Cricket Side

Cricket is a sport that tends to be associated with those countries who are part of the Commonwealth. In other words, cricket is highly popular in those parts of the world which at some moment were part of the British Empire. Those countries have excellent cricket teams, for which it is a great idea to bet in play – 1xBet platform and win some great rewards. Australia can be considered as the joint most traditional cricket squad alongside England itself.

Throughout its history, the Australian team has won many competitions and matches. It has developed lots of rivalries with other highly competitive cricket teams. For this reason, it can be considered that, alongside Australian football or rugby, cricket is another highly popular sport in the country. When going to 1xBet – bet in play, it is possible to wager on all of those disciplines.


When talking about the history of cricket in Australia, it might be possible to write lots of books about the topic. Its great performances have turned it into a squad that can offer excellent 1xBet cricket odds to all of those who want to wager on it. There are many significant aspects about the history of cricket in Australia that deserve to be highlighted, such as:

  • Australia played the first ever cricket Test match, where they faced England back in 1877.
  • The squad has also been involved in the first ODI and T20I competitions ever.
  • The popularity of the sport has led to the creation of many local tournaments.

Back at the beginning of the 20th century, there was the so-called Golden Age of Australian cricket. This moment of its history got this name due to the fact that the team went on to many tours. Of course, this happened during a period when the only method to travel to distant countries was by boat, which gives even more merit to the Australians. In general, during this stage they embarked on 10 tours, and managed to win 8 of them. The team has kept these impressive records even now, meaning that the cricket odds 1xBet on this squad are excellent.


Being the legendary squad that it currently is, it is no wonder that the squad has managed to win some incredible tournaments throughout its history. That’s one of the reasons why visiting to place wagers in Australia can be so rewarding. Probably the most important aspect that can be highlighted about Australian cricket is the fact that they are the team with the most World Cup titles. Not only that, because it also managed to be in four consecutive World Cup finals.

All of this has allowed Australia to surpass other cricket powerhouses like New Zealand or England on many metrics. This means that visiting 1xBet to bet on Australia can be highly rewarding.

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