“The A-Z Of LED Displays”

LED Display – The Basics:

An LED display has a large number of light-emitting diodes that are assembled to display an image or to play a video. These LEDs produce light. In an LED display light-emitting diodes of Red, Green and Blue colours are organised in such a way that these three lights make a pixel. Many pixels are employed to display an image or video. LED displays conserve less amount of voltage and provide the best image quality.

  • The RGB ( Red, Green And Blue)

The question arises, Why only three colours are used in an LED display?

The answer to this question is that these three colours (Red, Green And Blue) are considered as the primary colours. And many other colours can be made by intermixing these colours with one another. Different shades of colours are produced in the display which adds more attraction to the image. These colours are used in the LED displays and what we get is a high-quality display that has superb colour quality, amazing contrast and brightness.

  • RGB Is Equal To A Pixel

RGB make up a pixel. A pixel in simple words is a small dot or square which makes up the image that we see on our displays whether it is LED, LCD or any other display. Thousands of pixels are found in our LED displays. Pixel is a short-term picture element. Each pixel has a single and specific colour. The RGB found in a pixel is called the sub-pixels.In every pixel, these colours mix up in different ways and concentrations to emit a light of specific and different colours. More the pixels you have better the quality you get. Pixels are an important point to consider while buying an LED display.

LCD With LED Back-light

Nowadays LCDs are also available with LED back-light. LCD uses liquid crystals and has LEDs for the back-light. Liquid crystals are used because of their dual nature. Liquid crystals act both as liquid and solid. When electricity is passed through liquid crystals they get aligned. The purpose of the back-light is to add more brightness to the image. This is the reason why LED displays are considered more efficient than LCDs. LCDs have less brightness and contrast than LED displays because LED displays have LEDs that produce light.

Benefits Of LED Displays

LED displays have many benefits that other displays don’t have. Following are some benefits of using LED displays:

  • The LED displays provide great colour contrast and brightness which is a plus point when using the display outdoor.
  • LED displays have amazing colour contrast. It means that these displays provide brightness in parts that are not black and add more deepness to the dark parts of the picture. This quality of LED displays adds more beauty to every colour.
  • Most of the LED displays have the ability of local dimming. In LED displays LEDs are arranged in zones. A user can dim the LEDs of a specific region and can add more brightness to other zones, this is called local dimming. This feature allows the user to select from various options of the screen brightness presets, manually, according to the need of picture or video.
  • LED displays are manufactured in multiple sizes. The large LED displays are used in live concerts and events. LED displays are being used for advertisement purposes. LED TVs are also available in the market. LEDs can also be used for official purposes like presentations and project analysis.
  • LED displays can be used in place of traditional projectors. Because of their advanced technology LED displays to provide good picture quality than the normal projectors.
  • LEDs use less electricity. LED displays can provide efficient quality with less use of electricity. This is the reason why LED bulbs are getting popular.
  • LED displays are also being used in smartwatches and digital watches. LED displays are being used in smartphones.


Nowadays many companies are manufacturing LED displays. A good quality display is necessary for an attractive and recognizable advertisement. So, one should invest in a good quality display that has a longer life span. 

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