Surprise your close one with the custom Dakimakura body pillow.

What Is a Custom Dakimakura?

The dakimakura is a cushion used to display a printed picture of the body of an anime character. A pillow inner is included, in addition to a pillowcase, with this set. After inserting the pillow into the pillowcase, the finished anime body pillow will be ready for use.

You have the option of adding a picture, adding text, or selecting a design from the available options on the website for your personalized anime body pillow. Custom dakimakura on vograce may be designed as you choose, so express your creativity!

Why everyone will absolutely like a personalized body pillow:

Please give them a memento of their favorite famous person.

Everyone in your group has a celebrity they look up to. It doesn’t matter whether they’re an actress, a singer, or anything else; the ladies in your life should likewise have at least one celebrity crush. You may have the feeling of being much closer to the celebrity you have a crush on by having a body pillow that is uniquely designed for you.

The Customize app makes it simple to upload images of your loved one’s favorite celebrity and have them printed on a personalized body pillow. You won’t have to go to a lot of trouble to give her a present that will stand out and be something she treasures.

Keep your beloved pet nearby.

There is a growing trend among consumers, custom body pillow like personalize their body pillows by sewing on photographs of their cherished animals. This may be an excellent present for the lady in your life who adores her animal companion, particularly if she already has one.

When a beloved pet companion dies, having one of these body pillows might be comforting. It could be a touching gesture to show a loved one how much she means to you by having a body pillow of a recently passed away pet that you’ve made personalized for her.

Bring back fond memories of a loved one.

Body pillows are a wacky and one-of-a-kind souvenir that you may use to celebrate important moments in your life. You may make her some pillows out of hilarious family photographs, images from significant moments in her life, or pictures of inside jokes that bring her back to a certain point in her life.

Give them something that will set them out from the crowd.

At the end of the day, individualized body pillows are an unusual present that the ladies in your life have most likely never received before. Therefore, if you are seeking a method to show her that you care about her by giving her something that she does not already have, this can be the perfect present for her.

Instructions on how to create a custom body cushion for a loved one.

Do you believe a personalized body pillow may be the perfect present for the person you care about? If that’s the case, creating one is a lot simpler than you would expect. The following detailed instructions will walk you through each stage of the process.

1. Pick a picture for both the front and the back.

Your first order of business is to select the photographs that will be covered on both sides, like the front and the back of your personalized body pillow. Each of the concepts that were discussed before has the potential to work well with your design. However, you can also come up with something that has personal significance to you.

Take, for example, a photograph of the great outdoors that has a particular significance for the lady in your life. Or maybe you want to do something to memorialize your common fondness for a specific meme that the two of you like.

Your JPG or PNG file has to be at least 300 pixels on a side if you want to use it, and that’s the only condition. Aside from that, you have complete creative control over the content you produce.

2. Choose your preferred picture orientation.

Your next step is to decide whether you want your picture to be oriented horizontally or vertically on the pillow. You may make this decision by clicking the “Next” button. The response to this question will be conditioned by the nature of the picture and the orientation in which it seems most attractive.

You may use the editor on customize to experiment with both of these choices and determine which one works better with your photograph.

3. Select the material you will use.

You now have the option of selecting the fabric for the bespoke body pillow that you ordered. We can provide you with coral fleece made of either polyester or cotton. If you want assistance picking between the two possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department.

4. Take a load off and kick your feet up as Vograce makes your individualized body cushion.

That wraps it up! At this moment, you’ve completed all the tasks necessary for you too. The only thing left to do is finish the checkout procedure, and then you can relax while they take care of everything, including the manufacture and transportation of your order.

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