Slot machine glossary: some basic terms

A slot game is a game of guessing where your predicted characters will get you attractive jackpots if the luck is high. However, you should also know something about the rules of the game. To understand the rules better, you should know the glossary of terms used in slots. So, let us look at some of these terms.

Themed slots

If you go to play slot online, you will find machines set up with specific themes. These are themed slots.

Progressive jackpot

In contrast to the fixed jackpot, the winning amount will be constantly changing in the positive direction in a progressive jackpot. For instance, you might have started the gaming session when the jackpot is at $500. However, you will find the jackpot at $1000 in a few minutes of play. So, the current prize amount when a player hits the jackpot will become his takeaway. The slot will begin from the initial amount again. Among all slot games, progressive slots will be highly rewarding.


A coin is an in-game currency that is required to play every slot game. Although your bet will be based on your real-world currency, you should buy these coins with cash and use them in the slot games. Different coins will be given for the different sizes of bets.

Coin size

For a particular slot game, there will be a particular bet amount. If you want a specific combination for your attempt, you must pay a different amount as your bet. This size of the bet is also known as the coin size in slots.

Random number generator

Whenever you spin a slot, you will see various outcomes and combinations coming up. These results will never follow a pattern. So, nobody can have an advantage. It is happening with the help of an in-built system called Random Number Generator. A slot game could be fair to the players only if it uses RNG.

Reel slots

These are the traditional slot machines that contain only three reels or columns of symbols to choose from. It is rare to find such slots at present.

Loose slot

There will be a specific frequency for slot machines to pay the customers. If this frequency is high for a machine, you can consider that slot as a loose slot. You will win frequently and a slightly higher amount in such a slot than others. However, it is difficult to find a loose slot in a casino as there is no metric to find it.

Maximum bet

You cannot place money than a specific limit for a specific slot machine. This limit for betting is known as a maximum bet. You should be careful while selecting this option. It may cost you unexpected sums if you do not know the limit beforehand.

Pay line

A pay line plays a vital role in every slot game. It is a line that indicates the final combination of symbols after your spin. Let us assume that there is a single horizontal pay line. If the guessed combination of symbols ends up in this line itself, you will win the payout. Similarly, you will find several pay lines also in a single machine. In such cases, you should select the desired pay line to consider for your attempt. Each pay line will have a different coin size to match with.


A paytable contains almost all the information about the slot. It includes the available symbols, coin size for each symbol, payout for each combination, and much more. If you are unaware of the features mentioned in the paytable of a slot, you will never know the flow or outcome of the game.

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