Simple Steps on How to Clean a Meat Mincer

Do you always wonder why you replace your meat mincer? What are some of the preventive measures you take to ensure your meat mincer is safe and last longer before replacement? Well, if you don’t know how to take good care of your meat mincer, this is the right article for you. Read through this article to learn about the simple steps on how you should clean your meat mincer.

Meat mincers come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the purpose they serve. Some of the meat mincersuse human power, while others use a source of energy. If you have a meat mincer or you are planning to have one, I am certain that you know its importance. But, do you know how to clean your meat mincer? If you don’t, worry not. Continue reading through this article to learn the simple steps of cleaning your mincer after use.

Clean the meat mincer immediately after use

To begin with, always ensure that you clean your meat mincer immediately after use to avoid making the cleaning difficult. The cleaning of meat mincers immediately after use reduces the residue sticking and solidifying in the machine. Cleaning sticky and solidified residue is tedious compared to cleaning the machine immediately after use.

Use slices of bread

Apart from eating bread, it also plays a crucial role while cleaning a meat mincer. Are youSurprised! Yes, one can use slices of bread and pass them through the meat grinder when cleaning the machine. The bread is used to absorb oil or grease left by meat minced. Since meat mincer prices in Kenya are a bit high, spare your two slices of bread to save your mincer.

Disassemble and soak the mincer parts in soapy water

After you are done using the bread slices, ensure that you disassemble all the parts of the meat mincer and soak them in soapy water. If all parts are not disassembled and cleaned properly, they may become habitats for bacteria. Therefore, one should soak all the parts of a meat mincer in warm and soapy water before cleaning them. Warm and soapy water will also help remove stuck oil from minced meat.

Handwash all the parts of the mincer and the mincer itself

After you have soaked all the meat mincer parts, start washing all the parts individually to ensure every metal parts are free from any raw meat. Always be cautious when handling some parts like blades to avoid unnecessary accidents. Spend your time also in cleaning the inside and outside of the mincer. When cleaning the inside of the mincer, ensure no meat is stuck to it after you are done with the cleaning.

Ensure every part of the mincer is dry

After cleaning your meat mincer, ensure every part is well dried before assembling them. If you assemble wet parts into your mincer, you may predispose it to rust. Therefore, you can use a piece of dry clothor towel to dry clean every part before assembling them.

In conclusion, it is important to take good care of your meat mincer if you want it to last longer. Follow these few effective mincer cleaning methods and save your mincer.

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