Significance Of Weekly Addiction Rehabilitation Progress Reports During Treatment

“So, does it really matter? Are weekly progress reports in addiction treatment important to recovery?”

I know that unless an addict wants to recover, recovery won’t happen. And if they really want to recover, genuinely, shouldn’t their desire be enough to make it work and heal themselves?”

As they say, “if only…” right?

The fact is that without desire, a good addiction rehabilitation recovery is elusive. However, sadly, the desire is sometimes not enough. It takes support, structure, and a solid goal that you would like to achieve with addiction treatment. In addition, it requires accountability, and that is the point because weekly addiction rehabilitation progress reports are so essential to a successful recovery.

We have seen thousands of patients in our years of addiction rehabilitation experience, and we have found that those who did not follow through with weekly progress reports were most likely to fall victim to relapse and more relapse more frequently. When making addiction rehabilitation progress reports, the patient is obligated to do one of two things: tell the truth or avoid telling the truth.

If they are being honest with themselves, they will share the good and the bad and learn from their stumbles. They’ll have an opportunity to share their story, and through involvement from their licensed therapist and their peers, they’ll hear ways to avoid the problem going forward. Remember, recovery is not a straight line, and if you make a mistake, don’t let it undermine your program; just do the next right thing. There are no mistakes whilst in the addiction rehabilitation recovery process; in fact, the whole process is a challenging task for everyone.

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If they lie, they are not just lying to you; they are also deceiving themselves. That’s a whole different issue, one that you need to seek help for, perhaps at an Al-Anon or Families Anonymous meeting. If they are lying (and you know through their observing their behaviors), then don’t be afraid to confront them. Hold them accountable. That’s precisely what weekly progress reports are supposed to do.

Weekly progress reports do something else as well. They provide a “growth chart” for the addict, permitting a way for them to track their own progress. The can see where they are strong, and where they need to focus additional energies. In this manner, in a sense, they can create their own program. Regardless of what they say to anyone else, they are always looking at themselves in the mirror, and will make their own true judgment of their success.

Addiction rehabilitation recovery is a process, and not a single step. In fact, it is a long and time-consuming process. However, it begins by taking single and often small steps. You can take the first step right now and right here by keeping your weekly addiction rehab progress report. Always keep in mind that it is all about your good future. You can be everything you ever dreamed. In this regard, you can start by being humble and truthful, first to yourself, and then, to the people you love in your family and friends.

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