Should you hire an attorney for your divorce in Kenosha?

Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state. Technically, it is really simple to get a divorce in the state, as long as you fulfill the residency requirements. Unfortunately, things don’t pan out as expected in the real world. No matter the circumstances surrounding your divorce, you need to consider whether lawyering up is a good idea. Here are some quick aspects to know about hiring Kenosha divorce attorneys

Know the situation

Divorces often get complicated because separating spouses refuse to cooperate on key issues. Sometimes, partners don’t compromise purely out of ego issues. An attorney can help mediate and negotiate aspects with your spouse. You may want to get a divorce lawyer if – 

–         You and your spouse are not talking to one another

–         There are serious issues concerning marital assets and debts

–         You are worried about child custody and child support

–         You fear for your life/your partner is violent or abusive

–         You need maintenance or alimony

Get help with the process

It is no secret that divorce is a legal process that can take time. In Wisconsin, couples need to wait for 120 days before they can get divorced, counting from the date of filing. To add to that, many counties, including Kenosha, have a high burden of divorce and family law matters, which could delay the final hearing. If you don’t understand your rights or what you are entitled to, talking to an attorney is your best. Your lawyer can take care of the divorce paperwork, which can take considerable time otherwise. 

Avoid the mess

Eventually, if you and your spouse don’t agree on important issues, the court will take a call. If it is about minor children, the court may even appoint a licensed attorney who would investigate aspects related to child custody and work in the child’s best interest. However, if you hire a divorce attorney, the chances are high that you and your spouse can resolve many issues through talks. Even when you are not willing to talk to your spouse directly, your lawyer can mediate. Remember that leaving things to the judge could mean losing control of how things pan out. 

If you need help with understanding laws or evaluating whether you can protect certain assets from divorce proceedings, a lawyer is always a reliable resource. Most lawyers in Kenosha charge an hourly rate for such cases, and you can get a ballpark before you hire an attorney.  

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