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If you like shiny things, nothing shines quite like gold. The metal has been converted by common men and kings alike since early civilisation. Gold has been used as currency by many people around the world. For centuries people across the globe have bought and hoarded gold coins and jewellery. This is because gold is a very liquid form of investment. That means it can be converted into cash in as little as five minutes after you go through your jewellery box you may want to search google and type “sell gold jewellery near me“. If you have hit hard times, need money quickly are going through a divorce or struggling through the harsh economic times gold will come in handy.

Of course you can invest your money in other things like property, arts, boats and other collectibles but those valuable things take time to sell for cash. Gold is very different, millions of people are selling gold jewellery across the world 24/7. If you are going to sell gold, you need to understand how gold dealers work, what the process of selling gold entails, where you can find the best places to sell for a great price.

The process of selling gold is really simple. To know the price you need to take some steps. The first thing, you need to know what you want to sell and have a compelling reason to liquidate such an important investment. You might simply need to redistribute your investment. Get value for your gold investment. You could be trying to get cash for an emergency situation. Gold is precious so, it is not something you sell on a whim.

It is always a good idea to find the right time to sell. The price of gold fluctuates all the time so when it’s up you never really know if it is going to keep going doing or take a turn downwards. Watch the price movements and sell when you feel you are ready to do so. You also need to know where you can sell the kind of gold you have. Know what the fineness of your gold. Is it just gold jewellery, bullion or just scrap gold. Find out what you are likely to get for it. Next go online to search in google to find place to sell gold jewellery near me. This will give you an opportunity to talk directly with someone and walk away with the money you should get for your gold.

There are different place where you can sell you gold bullion.

Sell to a precious Metals dealer

You will find a number of reputable gold dealers in most cities. You can bring you gold and have the dealer assess the value of what you have. Whilst most precious dealers are known for buying and selling gold bullion products but they also buy gold jewellery from the public.

Cash for gold buyers

Cash for gold buyers have become quiet common in a lot of cities. You can probably find a buyer near you to sell your gold jewellery to. The good thing about most of them is they buy gold in any condition.

Local Pawn Shops

If you need cash in a hurry you can take your jewellery to a pawnshop. The beauty of pawnshops is that you don’t have to part with your gold if you aren’t ready by using it as collateral for a loan. Selling is easy too, all you need to take with you is the jewellery itself and your ID. Pawnshop transactions are really quick. You can walk out with the cash for your gold in a few minutes. However, you should know that pawnshops can only offer you the scrap value of your gold minus commissions and smelting fee. This can be a whole lot less than what your gold is actually worth and even less than what you initially paid for the gold.

Unfortunately, this will be the case everywhere because of the kind of mark-up that is often added to the jewellery for the jeweller to make a profit. It may be surprising to learn how much profit can be made on one item of jewellery and how much you stand to lose when you are trying to sell it. The only time you can hope to get a high price for your jewellery is when it is in good condition and happens to be in high demand or collectable.

If you are looking for the quickest way to sell your gold, finding a buyer near you is the best way to sell your gold. Finding a buyer near you can be as easy as going online and conducting a search or just driving around to follow the signs that advertise “We buy gold”. You could walk into such a shop and walk away with cash in hand in less than 15 minutes. Remember not to take the first offer you get but to see as many gold buyers as possible and compare the different quotes to find the best one. Be realistic, remember that gold buyers are businesses that have to make a profit too and will give you a price for your gold that will enable them to make a good profit but do try to negotiate the best price possible. Your gold is precious and you want to treat it as an important business transactions.

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