Reasons why Decra Mabatis are the best to purchase.

Decra mabati products are made beginning with steel which is covered with an alloy of aluminum and zinc. The alloy formula makes Decra steel last for a very long time. Next, an acrylic resin called brown tint is applied to the coated steel.

While handling the product, it resists fingerprints and scuffing. Then another layer of long-lasting acrylic resin is added. After that, stone granules are added, and an over-glaze enamel is applied.

There are several advantages of purchasing Decra mabati for your roofing. Some of them are discussed below;

  • They keep the house cool when appropriately installed.

The Decra mabati roofing system reduces attic temperatures to less than 90 degrees. When your attic temperatures do not fluctuate, you will be more efficient while cooling and heating your home. Moreover, regulated temperatures give your roofing materials and roof deck a longer lifespan.

  • Environmental friendly

Metal roofing tends to be climate-friendly. 25 to 30 percent of recycled material is used to manufacture Decra products. In addition to that, they are 100 percent recyclable. It means that materials can be preserved since there is little wastage. Decra products are more durable than others.

  • Resists harsh climate conditions

Rain, wind, snow, hail, and sunny climates affect roofing materials. However, Decra mabati roofing systems are among the most element-resistant and durable roofing materials. In the case of wind, it has a warranty of up to 120 meters per hour. When it comes to hail, it has the highest rating of impact resistance. Decra mabati roofing systems are non-combustible. They are also non-porous and resist freeze and thaw.

  • Aesthetically pleasing

Humans care about the appearance of things. It is sensible to have a home that is appealing to the eye, one that you can make memories of and be proud of the household. Thankfully, the pleasing aesthetics of Decra mabati can make you proud of your home’s appearance. Regardless of your style, you will get elegance from the beautiful and colorful metal sheets.

  • They are affordable

First, it’s vital to understand that price is always a determining quality factor. With the care and technology applied when creating Decra Mabati, you may imagine they are very expensive. However, Decra mabati prices in Kenya are at a reasonable and pocket-friendly price range.

  • They are easily available.

Decra mabati roofing system is always readily available countrywide, thus saving you time together with money. To access them, you only use local means, hence saving you on shipping costs. In addition, it takes a short time to receive your

  • They have several roofing styles

There are several types of Decra roofing panels. In this article, I will only outline three of them. They include:

Decra Villa Tile – Replicates the luxurious appearance of the Old-World Italian tiles.

Decra Tile – Replicates traditional style tile scalloped in the Mediterranean homes.

Decra Shake – Provides distinctive shadow lines.


This article has discussed the main reasons why you should prefer the Decra mabati roofing system when purchasing roofing materials for your home. Henceforth, the information above can prove to be an essential referencing tool for any potential buyer.

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