Reasons to go for car leather repair

Car seats offer comfort while you travel. Hence you should make the best effort to maintain them. They may get damaged if not taken care of properly in the long run. It isn’t easy to do car leather repair on your own. This is why professionals are motivated to repair or replace car leather seats. A professional car leather company will resolve the issue and offer amazing benefits.

Here is a step-by-step guide for car leather repair:

Adding leather fillers

Start with cleaning the leather seat

This step is not very important, but it is recommended for companies to clean the full car seat before starting with the repairs. Cleaning the part, you will not repair will help you blend in the color better with the seat.

Shape the chapped edges

Look at the torn parts and see if you have any ragged edges. Cut them out using a scissor.

Stick backing cloth below the tear

Use a backing cloth under the torn area and glue on the torn side to stick it back firmly. Let it remain open for some time to dry completely.

Apply several repair filler layers

Use a palette knife to apply the filler layers. Spread a filler layer and glue it on the back and allow it to dry. Then apply another and repeat the process till it covers the damaged part complete or slightly overlaps the upholstery.

Sand it

Once the leather filler layers dry, use sandpaper to even the surface of the leather upholstery. However, sand cautiously because you don’t want to damage the leather. If possible, use a sanding block instead of paper to give you more control. Once it is done, remove all debris using a moist cloth and allow the part to dry.

Put color

Use a cloth or a swab to put color on the filler. If the color is pale, you may need to add several layers. However, allow one layer to dry before applying the next one.

Use a leather sealant to coat the portion

Yes, done! Your car seat looks like new. Just pick a cloth and clean the area and apply leather sealant. This protects the leather from fading.

Another DIY method is to add a leather patch

Sometimes you may not have so much time to fix your car leather. This works as a quick remedy for such moments.

Look for a patch

Check out with leather upholstery suppliers to find a perfect match car leather patch for you.

Resize it

Resize the patch according to the torn part.

Put wax paper below the torn part

Use wax paper under the torn area when applying glue to prevent it from hardening the foam.

Use adhesive and stick the patch.

Apply the glue to the patch and press it slowly. Make sure the tear is covered from all sides. Let it dry, and it’s done.

Both methods work, but hiring professionals for your car leather repair is always suggested. They will offer expert services and give you a new-like car leather seat.

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