Polo Shirt Ideas

If you’re looking for a new polo shirt, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn about the top brands, styles, colors, and sizes to consider. Plus, you’ll discover how to customize them with your own personal touch. If you’re still unsure, you can always hire a professional designer for a custom design or create your own design contest.

Top brands

For warm-weather dressing, polo is an excellent choice. These simple and smart shirts are an ideal option for casual and professional occasions. Top brands such as Barbour offer stylish polo shirts with tipped collars. If you want to stay cool and casual in the office, look for a style from these brands.

Ralph Lauren has arguably the most iconic polo shirt in the world. His signature polo is a perennial prep essential, especially in white. It can stand in for a dress shirt in upscale situations, and it’s a fun alternative to a tee in more casual situations. The mesh construction allows for maximum breathability, and it comes in a massive selection of colors.


There are many different styles of 2 Button polo shirts. Some are classic and elegant, while others are more casual and sporty. Whatever your style preference, you can find a polo shirt to suit your needs. In addition to the classic white polo, a wide variety of color and pattern options is available. For instance, you can buy polo shirts in stripes, color block patterns, and contrasting sleeve and collar colors. These newer designs add visual interest to your outfit.

The collar is one of the most important features of a polo shirt. It gives it a smart look and also provides structure. The most common collar type is knitted and is made from the same yarns as the main body. Some polo shirts have contrasting or patterned knitted collars. Another popular collar type is the self-fabric collar, which is made of the same fabric as the body. This provides a sharp, tailored look and is ideal for color consistency.


When it comes to choosing the right colors for your polo shirts, you have a lot of options. Whether you want a more formal look or a more laid-back one, there is a shirt that will suit your needs. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice for your outfit.

First, look for quality hallmarks. These distinguish high-quality polo shirts from those made of inferior material. A taped shoulder seam is an easy way to tell the difference. This is a piece of white fabric that is sewn into the shoulder to help the shirt keep its shape as it wears.


Before purchasing a 3 button polo shirt, it is important to determine the right size. The chest size should be measured from the center of the neck to the end of the shoulder. Sleeve length measures from the shoulder seam to the wrist. The waist measurement should be close to the armpits. Finally, the hem length should be measured from the top of the shoulder to the desired hemline.

Polo shirts can be purchased in various sizes, from small to XXL. Depending on the brand, a small is approximately a size two sizes smaller than a large. Polo shirts should be fitted, but not baggy. Ideally, the sleeves should end about halfway between the shoulder and elbow. Some polo shirts will have a ribbed band at the end of the sleeve. Make sure the band is snug and not slack at the bicep. If it is slack, it will look cheap and make your arms appear small.

Choosing a polo shirt

The polo shirt is a popular shirt that is worn in the board room, on the golf course, and at company parties. It is also an effective branding tool for businesses. In fact, many companies print their logo on polo shirts and hand them out to partners, vendors, and clients.

Before you choose a polo shirt for your company, it is important to consider your brand image and the target audience. It is best to wear colors that are complementary to the brand’s image. For example, if your company’s logo is bright yellow, you should choose a yellow shirt.

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