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Points To Ponder Before Buying A Dining Table Online

A dining table is a piece of furniture that sees a lot of usages and hence is considered an investment piece. In a standard family, it is where a delicious meal is served and quality time is spent. Not just that, it is the place where close friends or relatives gather for coffee or kids sit together and argue about a project. With the dining table offering so much, it is important to choose the right one to accommodate your family and serve the purpose. Here are a few points to ponder before buying a dining table online. Using these, you can choose the perfect one from the range of products available on Wakefit.

Guage your needs

Before moving any further in your quest for purchasing dining furniture online, it is important to answer questions like what purpose it serves? For example, is it to have quiet family dinners, entertain guests, or be used as a study table? After finding answers to these questions, other things to consider are the size of the family, living situation, and lifestyle.

While making the purchase consider the needs of your family. If you have small children, you will have to buy something that can sustain stains and wear and tear. In this situation, pick one that is beautiful but practical.

Coming to the lifestyle aspect, as the table is an integral part of your daily life, you should consider your lifestyle and buy accordingly. It should help you enrich it and not be an impediment.

Choose the right size

The dining table should be such that it is neither too small nor too large. If it is too small, then everyone in the family cannot be seated simultaneously. If it is too large, it leaves no space for movement. Both make the space off-balanced. To choose the perfect size, take out your measuring tape and jot down the ideal size for the space. Size here not only refers to the length and width of the table, but it should also be of the right height. Things to consider when choosing the size of the table:

  • Leave about 100 cm of space between furniture or between the dining table and the wall.
  • Leave aside at least 20cm of space between a table and a chair.
  • There should be enough space when people sit and can comfortably get out and move.


The dining table shape should be determined based on the size of the space and your needs. Dining tables usually come in the following common shapes:

  • Rectangular tables: Most common shape and comes in many styles and shapes. It is ideal for larger rooms and for those who entertain guests. The longer and wider it is, the more items it can fit.
  • Square tables: It is ideal for a space that is square. However, it is difficult to reach food but it does create an intimate vibe.
  • Oval or round tables: It is best suited for smaller spaces as it occupies less space yet offers a good surface area. It is also great for parties and conversations as people sit close.


One of the most challenging aspects of purchasing a dining table online is choosing the material. It has to provide the right balance in terms of price, dining table design, style, and ease of maintenance. Here are some of the common materials:

  • Wood: The most popular and common material for the dining table. It is classy, durable, and needs less maintenance. However, solid wood like teakwood is expensive compared to others, but it lasts long.
  • Veneer: If you want a table that offers the properties of wood and needs to be reasonably priced, then the veneer is the best choice. It is made of a layer of solid wood on top of the plywood. A good quality veneer lasts for many years to come and the dining table price is also low.
  • Glass: These are one of the better-looking tables and are ideal for small spaces. The tabletops come in many types like frosted, clear, tinted, etc. The major disadvantage is that it can get easily damaged.
  • Metal: Another durable and inexpensive option is metal tables. These can withstand heavy usage but need maintenance.
  • Stone: These are beautiful and sturdy that can look good in modern as well as traditional spaces. Like glass, it can chip easily and absorb the stain.
  • Plastic: It is a highly affordable choice but makes the space look cheap.


When choosing the style of dining table, the decor of the space plays a huge part. Here are some of the common styles available on the market:

  • Minimalistic: This is a classy but simple style that is highly functional. It comes in a neutral color and has clean lines and blends with your interior design.
  • Scandinavian: This is another style that is functional as well as minimalistic. It is a solid wood table that is contemporary with clean lines, warm and uncluttered look.
  • Hamptons: It gives a beach vibe as the style is coastal. It is made of wood and has carved legs and is oversized.
  • Eclectic: If you have varied furniture, then an eclectic style is ideal. Ensure to use patterns, texture, and color that are common across all furniture.


The dining table price is decided by material, style, size, and design. If you are on a tight budget, make a list of things you must have and are nice to have. Then, when you find something that you like, you can make a better design by looking at the checkboxes it has ticked.


If you want to purchase a dining table that will last long, buy a table of high quality. It should be made using the best materials and following the right manufacturing process. Also, ensure that the hinges and fittings are correctly done. That helps in making the table last longer.

Returns and refunds

While purchasing any furniture online, make sure to check the return policy. Most online furniture companies offer returns and refunds if there is any defect or damage to the product. Also, look for such resources that make for peaceful online shopping.

Consider all the above factors when choosing a dining table. When you do that, it enhances the decor of your house and meets your requirements and lasts long. Pair the table with elegant chairs to create a spot to spend quality time with family or host parties for friends and relatives.

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