Paper light boxes are an alternative to fluorescent lights.

Local hardware shops have this product at a reasonable price.

This light holder is compatible with both E27 and BC22 bulbs. For the light holder, two screws with a centimetre-diameter head are required. When using compact fluorescent or LED bulbs, be sure you use the appropriate lamp base. Ensure that the cable you choose is compatible with the light holder you want to purchase before you make your purchase. The normal plugs need seven 6×6 square section wood pieces measuring 50cm in length and six 13mm panel pins (30×50 cm). A long and wide piece of plywood may be used to shield your lights from the glare of the sun.

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Three sheets of heavyweight watercolour paper with a 1cm border on each side are required for this project. a design that is grid-based (same size as watercolour paper). You might also use masking tape or sellotape to secure the item. You can get a great cricut design on our website.

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It is possible to remove any unnecessary hardware from the box by using pliers. Remove any remaining stickers and sand the surface to a smooth finish. Draw a line with a pencil from the centre of the shorter side to the rear of the container. Drill a hole at the rear of the box using an 8mm drill bit. We must first pass the wire through this hole in order to go further. Check the placement of the light holder by placing the centre of the light holder above the hole. Make a mark on the screws with a pencil before you screw them in. Before you begin assembling the components, drill holes in the board 3/4 of the way through using a 2mm or 3mm drill bit. Light holders may be attached to the box with the use of a screwdriver. The box’s long side may be cut using a square-section saw, which can be found here. To make them more polished, cut the lengths using a saw or craft knife… You may be able to obtain two pieces out of the first piece. Construct a piece of wood with a square cross section and attach it to the inside of the box. The depth is represented by three portions, each 6mm broad, one on the box’s border and two in the top half. Following the two longest sides of the box, trace six long square section lengths as indicated in the diagram below. It is important not to fracture the wood while you are hammering the panel pins into the long square pieces of wood. Two half-lengths should be placed 6 mm lower on each side of the light fixture in order to have a satisfactory fit on either side of the light fixture. Continue until both sections are completed.

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