Most famous jewellery styles of Kerala

Kerala, the state of coconuts and greenery is popular for its exquisite cuisines, art, astonishing dance forms, and charming Temple Jewellery. The conventional jewellery of the state is well-known for its creative work. Embossed with portrayals of gods and goddesses from various temples in south India, Kerala jewellery mirrors the distinct nature of rich Indian culture. As traditional jewellery includes traditional gold ornaments crafted from enormous quantities of gold, it has become a good investment for the brides, compared to diamonds.

Various Kerala traditional jewellery types

Kerala’s traditional jewellery pieces are inspired by several temples. In the past, temple jewellery styles were made by the Artisans with the valuable metal donations given to temples in the southern part of the country. At first, the jewellery styles were adorned by Temple dancers and disciples during their daily practices. As times changed, temple jewellery became trendy not only since it looked stunning but also because it brought to mind religious and sacred sentiments amongst people. Thus, it has become a vital adornment for the south Indian woman.

Manga Mala Necklace

A distinctive Manga mala necklace is made using small mango-shaped pendants. This is the most regular jewellery style that is adorned by brides from the state of Kerala. It represents their rich traditional jewellery.

Mulla Motu Necklace

The Mulla Mottu necklace [also called Jasmine buds necklace] includes a string of jasmine petals that are threaded together to take the shape of a necklace. This specific Kerala traditional jewellery ornament comes in two design types – one with simple gold jasmine petals made using Gold and the other one with a mixture of gemstones and gold Jasmine buds. This necklace is a vital part of the Kerala bridal jewellery collection.

3ulinakham Mala

The word Pulinakham refers to the nails of a Tiger, thus, Pulinakham Mala comprises glass stones made in the form of the nails of a tiger. The glass stones are threaded together to create a stunning necklace. This classic Kerala jewellery is typically adorned by women with the long-established Keralan saree.


Jhimkis or Jhumkis are conventional bell-shaped gold earring models. The Kerala bride adorns them, as they form a vital part of their bridal jewellery set. It comes in two design types; the first one includes an ear stud while the second design has a gold-plated earring that is decorated with tiny dangling bells.

Karimani Mala

Identical to Mangalsutra that is sported by North Indian women, Karimani mala is made using gold and black beads and is worn by married Kerala women.

Palakka Mala

Palakka Mala is green in colour as it is nothing but a ‘leaf’ necklace that compromises either imitation green stones or emeralds. The design typically bears a resemblance to a leaf that has a gold border.

Nagapada Thali

This is one amongst the oldest jewellery designs in the state and it looks like the top of a snake. This is why it is called Nagapada Thali. It includes green-coloured stones like an emerald. The gemstones are threaded in a Gold chain.


This jewellery ornament has a gold pendant in a gold chain. This stunning piece of established Keralan jewellery is made using pure Gold.


It is an anklet that is worn by women and girls at weddings, and religious and festive occasions in the state. Usually made using silver, Kolusu is accessible in gold as well.

Nearly every Kerala jewellery piece is embossed with divine and deity figures or floral motifs like trees, leaves, coins, bells, flowers etc. The major reason for the temple motif decoration is because they invoke a feeling of celestial presence in the wearer’s life. Thus, the Kerala brides wear them on their big day. You can find a surplus of necklace designs in the list above that also lists out other styles for ears and arms. You can also opt for plain gold bangles if you would like to stick to the usual.

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