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Metal Roofing options available in Edmonton

Choosing the perfect metal roofing for your new home or renovation may get overwhelming for homeowners. Most people leave the decision to the contractors as they believe the interior designers and constructors have better knowledge to handle this.

Here is a list of the best types of metal roofing recommended for your Edmonton properties.

Whether residential or commercial, selecting suitable metal roofing is increasingly essential as it sets the ambiance and looks. The roof you pick for your house should be aesthetically rich and robust to resist weather and temperature changes.

If you cannot decide which metal shingles Edmonton you should go for, this post is for you.

Copper roofing

If you want a durable roof for your home, copper roofing is ideal for residential and commercial properties. Metal has been a part of the construction industry for centuries. And some buildings with copper roofs have a life of 100 years. A copper roof can last for 200 years with proper maintenance and care. It is also an eco-friendly option for those looking for green roofing.

Copper is the softest and quietest metal, making it prone to more damage than other metals. So, if the roofing is exposed to hailstones, it may get dents. Copper is the best roofing for corporate properties or small apartments.

There are two cons. First, it is very expensive, and second, the copper shingles may expand and contract with temperature changes.

Aluminum roofing

If you reside in coastal areas, you should go for aluminum roofing. Compared to the other metals, aluminum has high resilience. The material can withstand any temperature fluctuation seamlessly. It also has a great salt resistance.

Aluminum produces Aluminum oxide after reacting with oxygen, developing a robust sealing later to secure the roofing from corrosion. Though it is a robust roof option, it doesn’t have a very appealing look. Also, it is quite expensive, like copper, which makes it a less appropriate option compared to other metals.

Steel roofing

Steel shingles are used in residential and commercial properties. It is recyclable and one of the best options for roofing. The recycling property makes it a sustainable and eco-friendly option.

What makes steel an amazing option is its affordable price. Steel is cheaper than copper and aluminum and is a great option for budget-conscious people. It is a great pick for those houses in areas that experience hailstones. It is a highly resilient and durable option for all.

Zinc roofing

Zinc roofing is great for residential and commercial properties. It has a lifespan of 100 years which makes it the best metal for roofing. It is also 100% recyclable, making it a sustainable choice for a healthy environment.

It only has one downside: it is as costly as copper. So, it can only be afforded by the rich.

These are some metal shingles Edmonton options available for you. Go through their features and benefits and decide which one suits you the best. Contact us for more information about roofing and the best metal shingles Edmonton suitable for your property.

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