Men’s Pinky Ring: Styles, Shopping Guide

Influential men have worn pinky Rings throughout history. Whether it has been Prince Charles, the Pope, the Godfather or even Tony Soprano, this beautiful glinting and gilded gold pinky rings as an accessory is a common connection between all of these real historical and fictional men. These rings commemorate the sign of power and wealth, prosperity and unquestioning and unyielding loyalty to their beliefs, family and clan that has transcended ages. This bond has sparked a lot of men to include them in their fashion attire and statement. Today in this article, we discuss most things revolving around Pinky rings.

Why Do Men Wear Pinky Rings?

The pinky rings have been prominently known as signet rings that depict a wearer’s clan or house. The leader would always wear the most gilded one, which signified power, wealth and authority over other men. Kings, popes, generals and chiefs, all wore signet rings. In the Victorian era, most men would at least wear pinky rings, paying homage to their leaders and beliefs or, in some cases, to indicate they were looking for a partner. 

In the 20th century, this tradition has slowly died away and was relegated to a few people of the old houses who still wear them. In contrast, the pinky rings have become part of fashion and prestige, complementing their outlook more than deeper meaning.

10 Best Pinky Ring Styles:

Following are some great styles worn by many famous people you can take inspiration from for the best outlook and style.

Black Onyx Round Pinky Ring:

The mysterious charm of a black onyx stone can help you emanate a great look, especially when dressing for a meeting. This little luxe look will show that you mean business with confidence.

Pinky Signet Ring with Insignias:

Pinky signet rings etched insignia is one of the most classic looks. It portrays power and wealth and great confidence in most things you need to deal with. You can have custom etching on your rings which can be as simple as a symbol or initials and letters of your choice.

Mix Metal Bands for Pinky Rings:

This look can be a mix of different metals intertwined in an intricate shape or a combination of two rings to complete the look. It is one of the simplest but delicate accessories that others will hardly notice, which would be something you actually want.

Pairing a Unique Pinky Ring with a Band:

An example of ring stacking on different fingers. While your pinky finger can be a unique design or an intricately etched signet ring, you can wear a simple band or plain ring on your ring finger. Both will complement each other to give you a different manly style.

The Other Way Around:

This style can be opposite to the one we mentioned just above. Instead of a simple band on the ring finger, you can wear a statement ring on the ring finger while a simple or even a small signet ring on the pinky finger. This will complete your manly and rugged look that is so missing from men these days.

Multiple Rings:

You can wear multiple rings on your hand, complementing the statement ring on your pinky finger. If you like to wear a lot of jewelry, you can wear multiple fingers on both hands, greatly impacting your overall look. Always keep the combination balanced and interesting.

Minimalistic Pinky Ring:

A simple and small but intricately designed signet ring can send a powerful message. There can be no gem or diamond in it, just a plain, etched signet. This minimalistic style will show your taste without being overbearing.

Diamond Studded Ring:

Diamonds are not just for women; men also show their wealth and prestige by wearing pinky rings with diamonds. A man shouldn’t ask how much does a 2-carat ring cost. He should be able to buy and wear it with pride.

Colored Stones in Signet Rings:

Gemstones of different colors and cutting are becoming quite popular again. An intricate base is also an addition much loved by contemporary style fans. Gems and stones like green agate, black onyx or even a tiger’s eye look amazing on silver and titanium signet rings. You can wear this style with formal and informal attire.

Let it Loose:

Where exquisite and sophisticated diversity was a thing of women’s fashion, men’s styles are also ever-expanding giving them more options to accessorize themselves. This has also translated into signet and pinky ring styles. Signet and pinky rings can now be a combination of designs and metals associated with only women before.

Tips on Wearing Pinky Rings:

Following are some great guide tips to wearing pinky ring styles that you should follow for the best results:

Never Go Oversized – making a statement with big pinky rings looks best on women. We don’t recommend men wearing them as they are quite elaborate.

Be Careful When Mixing Metals – Try not to mix silver with bright gold; rather, dull gold goes well for men’s styles.

Matching Colors – Best results require matching pinky ring color with other accessories like tie clips, cufflinks, lighter etc.

Experiment – You will never know what looks good on you and what best enhances your look, therefore experiment with different colors, styles and matters for the optimum result.

Why Should You Be Wearing Pinky Rings?

After discussing why men used to wear signet and pinky rings and how it has transpired in present times, the final discussion is why you should wear them? Simply because it is just like any other accessory that you include in your outlook. It is a way to express yourself and promote your personality. Apparel is the first impression that you will have when meeting someone, especially in an important meeting or even a date, so why not dress the best you?

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