Liposuction – Benefits and Rigores

To lose weight, the most commonly performed form of plastic surgery is liposuction. Liposuction removes fat by using suction. The skin is cut with micro-cuts to allow for the insertion of small, blunt-tipped tubs during liposuction.

The tubes collect the fat in the body and suction it out from the areas that are being targeted by the deposits.

Liposuction is used when exercise does not reduce body fat. It can also be used as a quick solution to weight loss. Liposuction is used to remove excess fat from certain areas of the body, including the Abdomen, Arms. Buttocks. Calves. Ankles. Chest and Back. Hips and thighs. Neck. Tummy tucks are the most popular.

Permanent augmentation by lip implants has many benefits. They provide long-lasting results with small incisions that are later sutured. If performed correctly, you will immediately notice the results.

Types Liposuction

Lumescent liposuction an anaesthetic local to the area where the tube is inserted is used. This type of liposuction isn’t subject to general anaesthesia.

Ultrasound is used to dissolve fat. It removes fat from the upper abdomen and sides.

Laser Assisted Liposuction: The low-energy waves are used to liquefy the fat. It’s then removed through a small tube.


  • Removes fat safely
  • May reduce or improve the appearance cellulite
  • Fat loss may boost your health
  • May increase self-esteem
  • Promotes sculpting in areas that diet and exercise do not seem to have an effect on.


Liposuction has the same risks as any other surgery. Patients may also react to or bleed from anesthesia. There are always risks of complications.

Skin problems – Wavy, bumpy or uneven skin is a sign that the surgery has not been performed correctly. This damage could become permanent.

Infection At times, severe infection can result, sometimes even death, if the procedure takes place in an unsterile environment.

Fat embolism A medical emergency in which pieces of fat get trapped in a blood vessel and collect in the lungs. This then travels towards the brain.

Internal puncture- An inadvertently inserted cannula may puncture a internal organ. This can be fixed by surgery.

Fluid buildup- While it is not a dangerous risk, small pockets of fluid (seromas), may form beneath the skin. This needs to be removed using a needle.

Kidney, heart and kidney problems- Fluid shifting due to injections and sucking out can cause potentially life-threatening conditions that directly affect the heart and kidneys.

All of the problems mentioned above are extremely rare when you use a well-trained. However, as always, you must consult only to make sure Liposuction is the right procedure for you.

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