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Types of lace wigs—-divided by lace area.

1.Lace front wigs

2.Full lace wigs

3.360 lace wigs

  1. Closure lace wigs

Types of lace wigs – divided by length

  1. Long wig
  2. Bob wig (short size wig)

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Wigs are becoming more and more popular in modern society because no one wants to show their hair loss problem to others. Not only hair loss, wigs can also be used to look different. Human hair wigs are one of the best investment and most durable varieties of wigs. In the category of human hair wigs, lace wigs are the wig family that can bring you the most natural appearance. Lace wigs not only look good, but are handcrafted with high quality wigs.

Lace wigs are generally made from human hair, synthetic hair, and sometimes a mix of the two. They are designed to fit you perfectly and give you the desired look. One of the great things about lace wigs is that you can buy wigs in different styles and lengths.

Types of lace wigs—-divided by lace area.

1. Lace front wigs

This type of lace wig covers the area from ear to ear and most of it is machine made. Lace front edge wigs give a very natural feel as it gives the illusion that the hairline is actually coming from the scalp. They are a preference for many people, which helps them look good and enhances their beauty. Lace front wigs have an ear to ear lace area, which can fully meet your needs to show your natural hairline. You can freely part your hair, whether it is a center part or a side part.

2. Full lace wigs

The name “Full Lace Wigs” suggests that their base is made entirely of lace. Full lace wigs are generally hand tied and give a very natural feel. They offer flexibility in different styles and you can wear them In different styles.Compared to other lace wigs, full lace is more breathable and can separate hair from any angle. In short, full lace wigs are the top of lace wigs. Full lace wigs are also theoretically the closest to real hair A kind of wig.

3. 360 lace wigs

This is another of the most popular types of lace wigs in the market. The 360 ​​lace wigs are designed in such a way that they have a ring of lace around the head to give the impression that the wig hair is growing out of your own scalp. Plus, 360 lace wigs give you a natural back of your head. You can tie a high ponytail to show off your charming neckline. From the side, the 360 lace wigs are also flawless.

4. Closure wigs (glueless wigs)

In order to make the lace fit the scalp and have a more natural effect, most lace wigs must be installed using glue. This makes it difficult for some wig users who are allergic to glue to enjoy lace wigs. So, is there a wig that can make people enjoy the natural experience brought by lace, and avoid the embarrassment caused by glue?

Closure wigs are a type of lace wig with the smallest lace area. Closure wigs available in the market include 4×4 closure wigs and 5×5 closure wigs. This lace wig is lighter and more breathable than other types of wigs. Since the lace area is smaller, you can also complete the wig installation without glue. Therefore, such wigs are also called glueless lace wigs.

Types of lace wigs – divided by length

You can also choose lace wigs based on their size. They generally have a bob with short and long wigs.

long wig.

Many people love long hair, but not everyone can get the ideal length. However, you can choose to wear lace wigs, which are also available in long lengths. You can also get long lace wigs in different colors and styles, making it easy for you to enhance your natural beauty. A must for curly wigs lovers! Luvmehair has many beautiful curly style wigs in long sizes.

Bob wig(short size wig)

Bob wigs are an option for women who are very active and don’t like long hair.

Bob wigs are typical short hair wigs. The combination of BOB style + lace wig can make you look both natural and very capable. bob lace wigs are especially suitable for women who are just entering the workplace or working women. It makes you look great and makes you look great.

The last sentence.

Wigs are a great option to hide hair loss problems, and lace wigs top the list of the best wigs on the market. Not necessarily only people with hair loss problems can wear wigs, even many women with natural hair decide to wear wigs because they look beautiful. But the best places to buy wigs are a matter of concern.

Are you confused about where to buy the perfect lace wig? In any case, you should visit Luvmehair, where you can find a wide range of high-quality wigs. If you need colorful wig, then you should pay more attention to Luvmehair. Because you can find high-quality colorful wigs here, you can also buy wigs that support bleaching or dyeing. In other words, you can get the hair color you like by bleaching and dyeing!

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