Lace Front Wigs vs U Part Wigs


There are many types of wigs on the market, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. But when it comes to choosing the right wig, you’ll always be looking for wigs that offer more benefits than others. So it becomes critical to know exactly what you want and if that matches your options.

Gone are the days when people used to buy weft-knitted wigs. I mean, buying human hair bundles and then spending a day having a stylist do your hair weaving is not the only option. Now, we have a brand new wig concept that completely upgrades the standard of wigs and offers more variety when wearing any hairstyle you want. We compare two of these designs here as lace front wigs to U-shaped wigs.



To give you an overview of both; the front lace wig has sheer lace on the front, hair sewn inside, and faux baby hair coming out of it, giving a subtle look of a natural hairline. U-shaped wigs, on the other hand, have a U-shaped opening in the front that allows you to blend in for a natural look. These are great options for experimenting with different hair colors, textures and styles.


Installation location

Front lace wigs are installed at the hairline and are available in a variety of sizes, from covering only part of the forehead to covering the entire length from ear to ear. With U-shaped wigs, you can choose where to style your hair and install it there.

Installation time

Front lace wigs take time to install; first, the front lace is glued to the head, and the rest of the wig is either sewn into the hair or secured with clips or adjustment straps. U-shaped wigs are easy and less time-consuming to install; just find the level where you want to wear them and clip them there. They can even be put on in less than two minutes

Install with glue and glueless installation

When installing lace front wigs, most of them need to use glue, such as got2b spray, to make the lace fit the skin better. With the help of glue, the lace part will be better integrated with the skin, so it looks more natural in appearance . In addition, the glue can also make the lace front wig more stable.

When installing the u part wig, you don’t need to use any glue. You can complete the installation by crocheting or simply using the clip of u part wig.

For some consumers with glue allergies, lace front wigs may not be their best choice. Zero glue installation is also an advantage of u part wig.

The color of hair

The lace front wig covers the entire head so you don’t have to worry about hair color. In contrast, U-shaped wigs have room for your hair to come out and blend in with the wig’s hair. If the wig’s hair color doesn’t match your hair color, it will be exposed and cause embarrassment.

Touch natural hair

Since the U-shaped wig has an opening in the front, you can touch your natural hair through this notch. That is, your concurrency can grow normally through this U-shaped opening. Lace front wigs allow the hair to breathe, but not touch the hair.


The cost of lace wigs is expensive because the production of lace parts cannot be done by machines. That is to say, each lace wig takes a lot of time for the wig maker to complete. Although the lace front wig is expensive, it also provides value in use that matches the expected price.

The making of U part wig can be done by machine. U part wigs are more efficient to produce and cost less to produce. So the u part wig is almost half the price of the lace front wig

Hair loss

In some people with weak hairlines, the hair cannot withstand tight braids and braids, and traction from U part wigs can lead to traction alopecia. In addition, if your hair is already thin, u part wig may make your thinning hair more obvious. If you’re using lace front wigs, you don’t need to worry about this. Even if you are completely bald, the lace front wig can give you a very nice look

Hair style of wig

From a wig styling perspective, lace front wigs have more styling options. Whether it’s a wet and wavy wig for curly hair or long straight hair, the lace front wig can meet your needs. If what you need is different kinds of short human hair wigs, then I suggest browsing the homepage of Luvmehair, a North American wig supplier with millions of followers, and try buying their wigs.

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