Lace Front Wigs Vs. Lace Closure Wigs & Where to Buy Them?

Women are usually not certain about the differences that lace front wigs and lace closures have. Therefore, after trying both of them, they find out what is best for them. So, to save your money, LuvmeHair has brought accurate and easy explanations to lace front wigs and lace closure wigs. So, let’s start. 

What Are Lace Front Wigs?

The lace front wig is applied on the front hairline, and its lace covers the area from ear to ear; it means the whole hairline.

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Its most common sizes are 13×4’’ and 13×6’’. 13×4’s lace vertically covers the area from the front hairline to halfway from the crown. In contrast, 13×6’s lace covers the area vertically from the front hairline to the crown. However, both lace front wigs cover the whole hairline horizontally, ear to ear.  

What Are Lace Closure Wigs?

You can apply lace closure anywhere on the front hairline, but generally, it covers the area from temple to temple when applied in the center.

 Its most common sizes are 4×4’’ and 5×5’’. 4×4’s lace is 4 inches wide and 4 inches long, which means it covers the head 4 inches horizontally and 4 inches vertically. The same concept applies to 5×5’’. Both laces can be applied slightly aside from the middle of the front hairline. 

It comes in various styles like free-part, side-part, middle-part, and three-part. Moreover, its base can only be of lace and can be of silk. click here for  more : punch4day

Differences Among Lace Front and Lace Closure


As you have seen above, size is the biggest difference between lace front wigs and lace closure. Lace front wig provides more coverage than lace closure. Therefore, frontal offers more parting space. You can visit here to know about the taylorsource. On the other hand, you can also get more essential info on forexrenkocharts

Furthermore, hair extensions blend well in lace front wigs without much heat styling, while lace closures need major heat styling for blending. 


Lace front wigs provide coverage from ear to ear; that’s why these help you set up a new realistic hairline. On the other hand, closure wigs provide horseshoe size coverage; therefore, these help you create a natural parting of the hairline. You can use the sew-in method to apply lace closure. visit here to know more information : newsbench


The more lace (mesh material) a wig has, the more hair is needed to be hand-tied. It means a wig with more lace is more costly than a wig with less lace. In other words, lace front wigs are more expensive than silk or lace base closures. More Information Click Here: sttmag

Why LuvmeHair for Purchasing Lace Closure and Lace Front Wigs?

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