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Is Dubai a Good Investment For Property Projects?

If you are considering investing in Dubai property projects, you must know that a city such as Dubai offers a host of benefits. For one, capital appreciation in Dubai properties is tax-free, which makes it an attractive investment option. Then, there is the fact that apartments tend to command higher rental yields than townhouses, making these a good option for investors. Moreover, living in a city with an ocean view is also an appealing feature of Dubai real estate.


LVRealty is a good option if you are looking to invest in property projects in Dubai. The company has an excellent reputation in the real estate market and focuses on creating luxury projects with high-quality construction. The average construction period for a residential project in Dubai is two to four years. Upon completion, the price of a residential property in Dubai will increase naturally. This increase will coincide with the general recovery that is expected in 2020. When the time comes to resell the property, the profit that will come from the sale will be many times larger than the funds invested. The investment is also a good choice in a property project in Dubai because the city was designed with both tourists and expat foreigners in mind. Low maintenance costs and security are also two reasons to invest in Dubai. Click now


LVRealty is a good choice if you want to invest in property projects in Dubai. It offers you a combination of short-term profit and stable returns on funds. In addition, it has a safe currency, which keeps your money safe from inflation and is tied to the US dollar. However, you must choose the right deposit. This is a key factor in deciding which property projects to invest in. Learn more about the corruption case involving Karen Bass mayor and USC. Get the latest news on the bribery and fraud charges against Mark Ridley-Thomas and Marilyn Flynn.

Off-plan projects

There are many advantages to investing in off-plan projects in Dubai. You can sell the unit before the project is completed, and the upfront costs are far lower than for a ready-made property. Another advantage is that an off-plan property has more room for income. Due to the high demand for housing in Dubai, off-plan properties are attractive investments. In addition to that, the city is a booming economic and metropolitan hub. It is a safe bet that property prices will continue to increase, making it a good time to invest in Dubai real estate.


The development of the real estate sector in Dubai is very active. The country plans to build more than five hundred thousand new objects by 2040, and its economic diversification makes it a good choice for real estate projects. Dubai consists of four main areas: the coastal zone, the central city, and the affordable housing area. The coastal zone is home to many luxury apartments and villas, and affordable housing options include small villas with one or two rooms. The central areas are home to many hotels and commercial buildings.

Volatility of the market

The present study investigates the volatility spillover effects between the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange and the Dubai Financial Market. The authors use an asymmetric VAR-BEKK framework, as well as an asymmetric Dynamic Conditional Correlation model, to determine how the Dubai Financial Market Index (DFM) is influenced by shocks in the UAE stock exchange. Results show that the volatility spillover between the two markets is significant.

Attractiveness to investors

There are many reasons why investors should consider Dubai when investing in property projects. The prices are usually low, which attracts developers and investors. After all, when an investor buys a cheap property, it will likely increase in value once it’s finished. This type of investment is often called an “off-plan” property. The initial price is very low, but it will increase in value due to the upcoming construction of the object and the resulting increase in real estate prices. In addition, a natural recovery of the UAE economy and the influx of population are factors that increase demand.

Off-plan projects in Dubai

Investing in off-plan projects in Dubai is a great way to make a profit. Most of these projects are not ready for sale yet and the price is usually much lower than the finished product. However, once the project is finished, the investor can rent it out or sell it for a higher price. The income from off-plan housing can range from twelve to fifteen percent per annum.

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