Interesting facts you didn’t know about African diaspora

In social science, there are some studies or theories that claim that Africa is the birthplace of mankind. Is that true? We may never know but what we do know is that the people of Africa have migrated to new territories and have started new lives, some voluntarily and others forced. However, this article is not centred on that. In today’s article, we’ll be looking at some interesting African diaspora facts you didn’t know about.

Interesting African diaspora facts you probably never knew about

Today, you’ll find African communities located in almost every region of the world helping with the development of the region or country they are in. In this section, you’ll find some interesting facts you probably never knew about African diaspora. 

  1. The term African diaspora is used to refer to Africans who are residing in countries located outside their continent (Africa). For example, Germany has over 810,000 Africans, Mexico has over 1.3 million Africans, Peru has over 1.2 million Africans etc.Visit Here:
  2. History has it that, the majority of the African diaspora population started in America and Europe before expanding to Asia. The reason for that is due to the transatlantic slave trade that took place between the 16th and 19th centuries. During that period, around 9.4 million to 12 million people from North Africa, West Africa, West-Central Africa, Southeast Africa were sold as slaves. Although there are reports that the Atlantic slave trade started a lot earlier and it could be traced back to the 1440s when the Portuguese captured and trafficked Africans. Over time, the Africans in those locations continued to grow which lead to future generations calling the land they were birthed into home.Visit The Site:
  3. The historic African diaspora is split into four groups which include the intra-Africa, Atlantic diaspora, Indian Ocean, and also the Mediterranean. 
  4. The African diaspora is one of the largest examples of diaspora that takes place in the modern era.
  5. There are different levels of African diaspora. They have the first and second generation Africans whose immediate family migrated recently with their parents or by themselves. These generations of Africans have a memory of residing in Africa or have immediate family members still residing in Africa. Meanwhile, there are other Africans who have lived in these new locations for many generations and because of that, they relate more to the local culture than their African culture. 
  6. The culture of Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, and English New World colonies were all influenced by the Africans living in those colonies.
  7. Black History Month is an annual observance that originated in the United States (US). It’s a month where they remember the events that occurred in history and important people of the African diaspora. It’s celebrated every February in Canada and the United States while in the United Kingdom and Ireland, it’s celebrated in October. 
  8. Black History Month started as Negro History week in 1926 in the United States. The second week of February was chosen because the birthday’s of President Abraham Lincoln (February 12) and Frederick A. Douglas (February 14) fell within that week.Read More About:

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