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Mike Adams began his mission as the Health Ranger as a response to his own failing health. At the age of 30, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a disease brought on by poor diet and severe lack of exercise. As a high-powered software executive, extreme levels of stress and cholesterol, depression, and chronic back pain were common features of Mike’s past.

Searching for answers to his health woes, Mike dove into research; he devoured thousands of books on nutrition, pharmaceutical drugs, wellness programs—anything he could find. He has now made it his life mission to share the most remarkable discovery he made on his quest: The vast majority of all diseases can be easily prevented and even cured without drugs or surgery.

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Motivated by the desire to lean up and lose weight for his modeling career, Anthony happened upon a book about raw foods and decided to try it for two weeks. Aside from seeing physical changes almost immediately, he also experienced profound bursts of energy, happiness, and mental clarity and was convinced through his own trial, errors, and further research that eating raw/live foods is the way one should eat and live.

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He continues to document his journey of transformation and living a raw foods lifestyle on his blog, though he enjoys modeling (for such companies as Hugo Boss, Macy’s, Acura, and Paul Mitchell), his true passion is spreading ideas and awareness about green, simple living, and the raw foods lifestyle.

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