How Will Automation Affect the iGaming Industry?

Nowadays, almost every industry has been transformed by artificial intelligence. Every industry is witnessing the wonders of artificial intelligence, from manufacturing to construction, from the health industry to culinary, from business intelligence to retail, and from education to fashion. And the iGaming industry is no exception. 

The iGaming industry has grown rapidly in recent years, and AI has affected it a lot. AI today provides a bunch of opportunities that the iGaming industry can benefit from. So in this article are represented the main answers on how automation will affect the iGaming industry. 

Improve customer support

Customer support is considered to be one of the important factors where iGaming companies who provide users with sports betting software will rely on AI to overhaul their operations. Today’s online casinos are all set to provide a personalized casino experience. Casinos try to offer  personalized approaches to  individual customers’ preferences, which keeps them interested in their platform. This is possible due to artificial intelligence, which works behind the scenes to analyze the user’s collected data.

Every online casino platform now also uses live chatbots powered by AI to facilitate faster communication and provide users with quick resolutions in real-time. Furthermore, AI provides personalized customer support for a better overall customer experience.

Identify issues and Detect Frauds

AI could also assist iGaming companies in making significant progress in the issue-identifying area. At the moment, casino businesses do not identify problem gamblers quickly enough manually. However, AI could be used to detect concerning issues in a short time and correctly in the betting patterns of certain high-risk users.

AI is also widely used in the detection of suspicious behaviour and fraud on iGaming platforms. This not only alerts casinos, but also assists them in maintaining a safe environment for legal customers. AI can provide guaranteed effective safety, especially in online casinos where bouncers and guards are not present.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality assurance and testing are the most time-consuming and repetitive aspects of the iGaming industry. Businesses hire hundreds of people to test every aspect of a their game to ensure it works properly and to find bugs. Without rigorous testing, games can crash on players, causing frustration and even resentment, which can harm the game’s commercial success and lose loyal players. 

For many years, software testing has been automated, which has helped in the production and improvement of apps and computer software. However, because the testing process for casino games is much more complicated, automated testing was not possible.


AI is everywhere, in every aspect and industry and it’s created to make operations better. The iGaming industry is also in order to make better customer experiences, fix bugs and not only. If there is one thing that technology has taught us about advancements in the gambling industry, it is that we never know what will come next. There are no limits to what online casinos can become as long as the gambling industry continues to implement these AI technologies and innovations correctly.


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