How to Store a U Part Wig

You need to store your u part wig properly if you don’t want it to be damaged by humidity or sunlight. This article will tell you why you should store your u part wig. We will also give you some methods and tips for storing u part wig. Besides that, we recommend you buy u part wig from a premium brand such as Luvemehair.

Reasons for storing

There are many reasons why someone might want to store their u part wig. Perhaps they plan on wearing it again in the future, or maybe they need to put it away for a while. Here are a few reasons why you might want to store your wig:

  1. To keep it looking new – If you don’t plan on wearing your wig again for a while, storing it can help keep it looking new. This is especially important if you have invested in a high-quality wig.
  2. To protect it from damage – Wigs can be delicate, and if they aren’t stored properly, they can easily become damaged. By storing your wig properly, you can help protect it from becoming damaged.
  3. To keep their shape – Wigs often lose their shape over time if they aren’t stored correctly. If you plan on wearing your wig for a long time, you should store it properly to ensure that it will still have its original shape.

Method and tips for storing of u part wigs

i) Fold-over method

The U part wig folds over on itself, reducing shedding and keeping it clean. A U part wig comes in various styles, including ombre, blonde, and unusual curly styles. It is easy to put on and remove and has little brushes to style it. There are also wig clips available that can secure your wig with the U part style.

One of the most common ways to store a u part wig is to fold the tracks over. When placing tracks on a wig, you may be tempted to cut them, but this method is safer. Folding tracks over the wig’s cap is a much safer option, as it keeps the wig from detaching from your head. Make sure to remove any excess fabric around the clips before sewing them in.

Another popular method of storing a wig is to use a wig rack or a styrofoam head. These are both great for short-term storage. If you want to wear your wig only a few times per week, you can place it on your mannequin head.

Just make sure it has some space to breathe and to dry out. Using an over-the-door coat rack wrapped in tissue paper is another good option.

Another easy method for storing a U part wig is to fold the cap over and place it in a box. This way, you can keep your wig in a shady area while it is stored. This prevents dirt and debris from damaging your wig. This method is not recommended for frequent use, but it will help the wig retain its shape for several months.

ii) Using a wig stand

Another way of storing a u part wig is to use a wig stand. A U part wig stand is more discreet than the cap base. You can also use a hot device to dry your wig, but make sure that it doesn’t touch the wig cap. If you plan to use the wig in direct sunlight, wear a hat cover when you’re not wearing it.

iii) Keeping wigs hydrated

Keeping your u part wigs hydrated when displaying is crucial to their health and beauty. Without proper care, human hair can dry out and break down. Properly taking care of wigs will ensure that they last for several years.

It’s especially important to keep your wigs hydrated during the fall, the season of rich colors. Here’s how to do it! Keeping wigs hydrated while displaying is easy!

To keep your wigs supple and nourished, you should treat them like fine washables. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep them clean and smelling fresh.

The key is not to twist or rub the wig, as this could cause fiber inversion through the cap. Always rinse your wig in cool water after washing. Alternatively, apply a hair oil to your wig and let it sit overnight.

iv) Keeping them tangle-free

In order to keep your u part wig tangle-free, you should take the necessary care of it. Unfortunately, wigs can tangle, even the best quality ones. However, a few simple care tips can make a big difference in the longevity of your wig. First, try washing it only when necessary. Washing too often will result in drier hair, which will increase tangling.

v) Keeping them clean

If you want to keep your u part wig looking as good as when you first bought it, you must keep it in a dry, cool place away from any sources of heat and direct sunlight. It is also best to store it away from children and pets, as these environmental elements can damage your wig.

You can place it in a shoe box, drawer, or closet when storing your wig. For additional protection, make sure to label the wigs as well as their container. If you have wet and wavy wig or curly wigs, you can also adopt this approach while storing them.

Whether you store it in the box provided with your wig or a wig case you create yourself, you must clean and detangle your wig before putting it away. When storing your wig, always make sure it is dry and tangle-free, and store it in its original packaging.

A wig box can be useful if you have several wigs that need special storage. Also, store your wigs in a place where they won’t disturb others and don’t take up too much room.

vi) Keeping them safe from mold and mildew

To keep your u part wig free from mold and mildew, you can do several things to prevent fungus growth. For starters, make sure your wig is 100 percent dry. If you store your wig when it is still damp, it will develop mold and mildew. Human-hair wigs can be blown-dryed while synthetic wigs should be air-dried.


In conclusion, knowing how to store a U part wig is important in order to keep it looking and feeling its best. By following the tips in this article, you can ensure that your wig will last long and remain to look great.

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