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How to sell software training courses before they are developed?

It is possible for selling software training program before it is created. This technique is only applicable to instructor-led training. It can be used online or in person. This is because while you might be able to sell a course right away, it may not be available for another four to six weeks.

You still have the time to create the course after people purchase it. Self-paced eLearning is not as effective because customers expect immediate access to eLearning content.

Six Steps to Sell Software Training Before You Make It


Create a course description. This description will be the content on the course page, telling potential customers about the course and the lessons they will learn. A course description should include a title, detailed information about the course, and specific learning objectives. The course description should be persuasive and set the right expectations about what people will learn.

Step 2: 

Set the course’s price: While there are many ways to do this, the key idea is to determine the value that your course offers customers. You don’t need to worry about setting the exact price right away. Early bird pricing and/or coupon codes can be used to attract customers.

Step 3:

 Decide when the course will be offered. Choose a date to offer the course. It should be long enough to allow you enough time to create the course once someone purchases it. However, it shouldn’t be too far in the future so that customers are discouraged from purchasing it today.

Step 4: 

Put it on your website. Allow customers to buy the course by posting the course description. Customers should be able to read the course description and click on a buy button to pay using a credit card.

Step 5:

 Promote the course: After you have posted the course description to your website. It is important to promote the course. You can work with your marketing team to develop ideas for spreading the word. Add messaging to e-newsletters or on social media. Your sales team can be given coupon codes to use in calling interested customers.

To promote your courses, send regular emails to your list. However, make sure that the emails are as personal as possible. You can greet your customers by name and send them emails from you, not a marketing address. Also, make sure that the course you are promoting is relevant to their needs.

A website that does half the marketing for you is the best. Google will find a great website for training providers easily so that you are at the top of search results for your keywords. It should be easy to navigate and on-brand. Online registration, checkout, and payment are more effective than email or invoice methods.

Ready to do more? Here are some more ways to market your courses.

  • Make social media pages with relevant hashtags and post frequently
  • Advertise on social media
  • Google Ads can help you boost your SEO
  • Listing your courses on a marketplace such as or
  • Write content or advertise in relevant industry publications
  • You can partner with the relevant membership bodies (e.g. Your local chamber of commerce

Step 6: 

Start building the course. After you have sold a few seats, build the course.

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