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How to Promote Your Facebook Page

Facebook is a great platform to advertise your products and services or tell the world about your ideas. Everyone deserves to be heard, but to realize this right, you need to promote your Facebook page. This is not so difficult to do — you should just use simple methods, which we will tell you about.

General recommendations

Before we start looking at methods, we should discuss general recommendations, namely:

  • Don’t neglect design. The look of your post is just as important as its content. Choose a Facebook post template you like on VistaCreate to make your post look nice and attractive.
  • Focus on describing the benefits of your product (who it is good for, what the customer will get, and so on).
  • Communicate in the language of your target audience.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to promote your Facebook page with no problems.

Publication plan

The first thing to do is to create a content plan. Its matrix may look different for everyone, but as a rule, it consists of overlaying different types of text materials on the portraits of the target audience or products. All content for publication on Facebook can be divided into three groups: informational, entertaining, and selling. Choose the ratio taking into account the specifics of the promoted page.


Choose key hashtags for your business. They help to emphasize the thematic focus of the page. But remember that a popular tag does not guarantee traffic because there is a lot of competition for it. Alternate a few high-frequency and low-frequency «keys» in your publication. Be sure to match the content of the post.


To attract the attention of new subscribers, you need to pay your own attention to the content. It must be interesting and varied. As an example, the page should have:

  • news — view up-to-date information on verified media sites; 
  • useful articles, life hacks — 7 recommendations, 5 best books about, 6 movies, etc.; 
  • fun facts, quotes from celebrities, and opinion leaders on your or similar topics; 
  • infographics — users like to repost such publications.

When writing content, keep the EdgeRank in mind. This is an algorithm for generating a Facebook user’s feed. Marketers don’t like it because it doesn’t allow to show absolutely all publications. Only 1/5 of the posts get into the news feed. That means about 20% of your followers will see the posts.

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