How to Make an Irresistible YouTube Thumbnail 

YouTube thumbnails are an important part of a YouTube video. They help to elicit interest among your viewers and make them click on the videos and watch. It’s one of the factors that decide if people are going to watch your video or not. In this article, we will cover the basic aspects of thumbnail design and how it can help your videos enjoy increased attention.

What is a YouTube thumbnail?

A video thumbnail is an image that gets displayed first when you are browsing YouTube videos. When you make this image attractive, more people will want to watch that video. Less attractive thumbnails may fail to convince potential viewers to watch it. Anytime you are uploading a video, YouTube offers you a choice to select and set a frame from a video. This is where you have to ensure that it’s best enough to make your viewers want to click on your video and enjoy it.

The best design considerations for a thumbnail 

The reason for the existence of a thumbnail is to help increase the number of clicks that our video gets. To achieve that goal, here are some tips that you should follow:

Include title text to deliver context

People may find it hard to deduce what the video is likely to deliver, but if you line up some titles, the context is most likely to be figured out quickly. The thumbnail image may not offer a clear explanation, but a title will.

Select a great font style

The font styles that you choose should communicate your brands. Use the same font styles on all your thumbnails. Also, choose a robust design and powerful colors. Great font styles give your title the much-needed impetus.

Choose a bright background with fine contrast

There are many forms of contrast, but the most common is the color contrast. Low contrast means using colors that resemble, while high contrast entails using different colors. The best approach when dealing with contrast for your thumbnails is to choose two colors that complement each other. These are the colors that will stand next to each other and will reveal their identities. Contrasts that look pleasant are the most recommendable for your thumbnails.

Use a high-quality relevant image

Having great visuals attracts most people to your videos. A good-looking video of high quality provides a great start to your video and will make the audience want to find out what more you offer. Alternatively, you can opt to create a well recognizable branded YouTube template for your business. This image will come on top anytime you search.

Be consistent

Being consistent is a very important step with every thumbnail. This helps your viewers to appreciate and understand the concept that your videos are presenting. There should be consistency in your font style, font size, color scheme, and layout.

Optimize for diverse devices

These days, people use all sorts of gadgets to access the internet. Some use computers while others use their mobile phones.  Make sure that your thumbnail designs work on small screens.

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