How to Make a Barcode Scanner App with in Minutes

Barcodes are everywhere and they continue to gain popularity thanks to the implementation of a universal barcode/product code system. There are barcode scanner apps used by businesses and there are also apps used by the general public so they can stay updated with prices.

Whichever market you intend to create a barcode scanner app for, you’re in luck because now you can create your very own barcode scanner app with in a matter of minutes.

Create a Barcode Scanner App with is a no-code app maker. That means you can create your apps without learning to code. Now, you do not need to be an expert programmer to be able to create apps. Anyone with little to no knowledge of programming can make stunning and powerful applications.

AppMaster’s powerful visual editing tools

All you have to do is drag and drop elements onto your app screen and add functionality to them and behold, your application is ready to be exported and put to use. It is that easy. AppMaster also allows you to get fully creative with your app. Its powerful UI editing tools give you the freedom to be the master of your application.

You can choose from multiple ready-made templates or you can start with a blank canvas. After adding elements to your canvas you can also style and edit them as per your liking. From color to size to animation, you can create appealing and professional-looking apps in no time.

Connecting Scanners with Your Application using AppMaster

You can connect scanners, mobile cameras, webcams, and hundreds of other tools like social media and mail to your application using AppMaster with a few clicks. You would need that for your application to function properly. AppMaster also allows you access to source code generated by the AppMaster’s AI. This means you can take your application offline as well.

You do not have to create a backend on your own as AppMaster’s powerful AI does that for you automatically. It generates the backend for your app without the need for you to write any type of code.

Publish Your App with

Once you’re done creating, it’s time to publish your application. Again, you can do so with one click. You can publish your app on AppMaster cloud or any other available cloud platform. AppMaster cloud is lightning-fast and even available on the free plan. So what are you waiting for?


Creating an app using coding can be very difficult and discouraging. It can take weeks and sometimes even months to learn a single programming language. Even after that, there is no guarantee that you’ll be successful.

Hiring a professional can also prove futile as even after finding a reliable and experienced programmer, deadlines, disconnect in vision and costs can leave you with a less than ideal app. is your escape from all those problems. You can create a barcode scanner app in just a few minutes and you won’t be writing any code at all!

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